(Former) address Amalgamated Records
Music House, 12 Neasden Lane, London N.W.10, England


AMGLP 2001 Al Stewart & Marvetts - Fly Away To Glory
Tracks: Daniel Saw The Stone / Mansion On The Hill Top / A Beautiful Life / We Shall Have A Grand Time / Fly Away To Glory / He's So Real To Ought To Know / Songs Of Praise / Eveybody Ought To Know / I Once Was Lost In Sin / Where Shall I Do / Down Where The Sweet Waters Flow
Produced by Joe Gibbs

AMG 2002 Various Artists - Explosive Rock Steady
Tracks: I'm Moving On (The Pioneers) / Miss Tourist (The Pioneers) / Just Like A River (Stranger Cole & Gladdy) / Uncle Sam's Country (Dennis Walks) / Long Shot (The Pioneers) / Train To Soulsville (Cool Sticky) // Love Love Everyday (The Pioneers) / Hold Them (Roy Shirley) / Come Brothers (Hugh Malcolm) / Give Me A Little Loving (The Pioneers) / Push It On (The Versatiles) / Love Brother (Errol Dunkley)
Produced by Joe Gibbs

AMGL 2003 The Pioneers - Greetings From The Pioneers
Tracks: Me Naw Go A Believe / You'll Never Get Away / Baby Don't Be Late (Winston Jarrett & The Righteous Flames) / Shake It Up / No Dope Me Pony / Whip Them // Gimme Gimme Girl (Winston Jarrett & The Righteous Flames) / Things Just Got To Change / Sweet Dreams / Tickle Me For Days / Jackpot / Give Me A Little Loving
Produced by Joe Gibbs


CSP 3 Various Artists - Jackpot Of Hits
Tracks: Jackpot (The Pioneers) / Feel Good (The Mellowtones, actually Bleechers) / Give Me A Little Loving (The Pioneers) / No Dope Me Pony (The Pioneers) / Secret Weapon (The Conquerors, actually Ansell Collins) / El Casino Royale (Lynn Taitt And The Jets) // What Moma No Want She Get (Stranger Cole) / Catch The Beat (The Pioneers) / Good Time Rock (Hugh Malcolm) / Just Like A River (Stranger Cole And Gladdy) / Hurry Come Up (The Crashers) / Train To Soulville (Cool Sticky)
Producer: J.A. Gibson


TTL 27 The Inspirations - Reggae Fever
Tracks: Mad Rooster / Easy Up / Wet Dream / Why Do You Laugh At My Calamity / Samfie Man / Only Yesterday / Reggae Fever / Bongo Nyah / Who You Gonna Run To / Sweet Sensation / Fattie Fattie / Liquidator
Produced by Joel Gibson


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