AR 0001 Israel Vibration - Why You So Craven
Tracks: Universal Father / Why You So Craven / Oh Jah Solid Rock / Jah Is The Way / Highway Robbery // Give Thans And Praises / What's The Use / Smack Right Jam / Morning Light
Produced by H. "Junjo" Lawes
Recorded & Mixed at Channel One by Scientist
Voiced at Tuff Gong Studios
Musicians: Hi Times Band

ALP 002 Johnnie Osbourne - Yo Yo
Tracks: Have A Little Mercy / Give A Little Love / Bacrra / Sister / Curly Locks Girl //Under 31 / Never Stop Loving / Free Lance Lover / Yo-Yo
Produced and Arranged by Henry "Junjo" Lawes
Recorded at Channel One
Re mixed at King Tubby's
Backed by the Roots Radics Band

ALP 004 Yellowman & Fathead - For Your Eyes Only
Tracks: Donkey Want Water / Barn Yard / Don't Call Me Daddy / Water Rock // To The Bump / Tourist Season / Top Form / For Your Eyes Only
Produced by Henry 'Jonjo' Lawes
Tracks recorded at Channel One by Solgie
Mixed at Joe Gibbs Studio by Oswald Palmer & Barnabas

ARLP 006 Josey Wales - The Outlaw
Tracks: It A Fi Burn / Love I Want / Can't Put It On / Beg You Come Home / Jam It Again // Let Go Mi Hand / No Bother Tax Me / Stalk Of Sensimilia / Music Diseases / Asking For Love
Produced by Henry 'Junjo' Lawes
Recorded and mixed at Channel One
Engineer: Soldgie
Backed by Roots Radics

ARLP 007 Yellowman - Zungguzungguguzungguzeng!
Tracks: Zungguzungguguzunguzeng / The Good The Bad & The Ugly / Rub A Dub A Play / Dem Sight The Boss / Can't Hide From Jah / Who Can Make The Dance Ram / Yellowman Wise / Take Me To Jamaica / Friday Night Jamboree / Jah Jah Are We Guiding Star
Produced By Henri Junjo Lawes

ALP 008 John Holt - Police In Helicopter
Tracks: Police In Helicopter / Private Doctor / Last Train / Beach Party / Reality // Fat She Fat / Chanting / Sugar And Spice / Can't Use Me / I Got Caught
Produced by Henry 'Junjo' Lawes
Recorded and mixed at Channel One Studio
Engineer: Soldgie
Backed by Roots Radics
Horns by Dean Fraser and Nambo
Backing vocals by Al Campbell, The Tamlins & Tony Tuff

ALP 009 King Yellowman Meets The Mighty Josey Wales
Tracks: Hula-Hoop / Bobo Dread / A Wah Dem A Go Do / Woman A Me Yard / Cure For Ever (all: Josey Wales) // Badness A Madness / Wrong Girl To Play With / Society Party / Rub And Go Down / Ganja Business
Produced by Henry 'Junjo' Lawes
Mixed byMorris and Steve
Tracks laid at Channel One Studio by Soljie

ARLP 011 Barrington Levy Meets Frankie Paul
Tracks: Them A Talk Bout / Jump No Fence / Thushung-Peng / Hooligan / Hot Number (all: Frankie Paul) // You Say You Love Me / Robber Man / Stay Away Girl / Please Jah / Prison Oval Rock (all: Barrington Levy)
Produced & Arranged by Henry "Junjo" Lawes

ARLP 012 Charlie Chaplin - Sound System
Tracks: We Hot / Small Days / Afraid Of You / Bounce Pon We Corner / Why The World Stay So // Screw Face People / Principle / Tribute To Marvin Gaye / Ginnal / International Robbery
Produced by Henry "Junjo"Lawes
Recorded at Harry J. Studios
Rhythm Recorded at Channel One

ARLP 013 Yellowman - Under Me Fat Thing
Tracks: Throw Me Corn / Fuss & Fight / Thanks & Praise / Come Mi Come // Foot Table / Under Mi Fat Thing / Skank Quandrille / Bubble With Me Thing
Produced by George Phang
Recorded at Dynamic Sounds Studio
Backed by Sly & Robbie

ARLP 014 Sugar Minott - A True
Tracks: A True / Nah Follow Fashion / Rockers Master / Thank You Jah // Ease Up / It's Happening / Cant Get Me Out / Im No Slave (with Ruddy Thomas)
Produced by George Phang
Backed by Sly & Robbie/Black Roots
Recorded 1985 at Dynamic Sound Studio


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