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ATLP 1001 Various - Heptones & Friends Vol. 2
Tracks: Dynamic Ken Parker (Ken Parker) / Them A Fe Get A Beatin' (P. Tosh) / Magnificent Heptones (Heptones) / People Of Today (Jackie Brown) / The Ring (Ethiopians) / Let True Love Begin (Uriel Aldrel) // Money In My Pocket (Dennis Brown) / Knock On Wood (Alton Ellis) / I've Got A Feeling (Heptones) / Warricka Hill (Versatiles) / Baby I Need Your Loving (Delroy Wilson) / A So We Stay (Big Youth)
Produced by Joel Gibbson

ATLP 1002 Dennis Alcapone - Wake Up Jamaica
Never released

ATLP 1003 Errol Dunkley - Darling Oooh
Tracks: You Never Know / Movie Star / Created By The Father / A Little Way Different / Like To Be Boozed / Hi-Life / Darling Ooh / Baby I Love You / You're Gonna Need Me / I'm Not The Man For You / It Was Nice While It Lasted
Produced by S.E. Pottinger

ATLP 1004 Bobby & Tommy - Green Mango
Tracks: Green Mango / Roast Fish / Funky Stuff / Hot Pepper / Stag Lack No 17 / Concrete Rock // Reggae Masterpiece / Autumn Mood / Walk On The Wild Side / Musical Rocket (with an uncredited Prince Far I) / Jumbo Skank / Slow Piece
Produced by W. Riley

ATLP 1005 Dennis Alcapone - Belch It Off
Tracks: Belch It Off / Jack Horner / God Father / Do It / Over And Over // Old King Cole / Bad Habit / Hard Time / Party Time / Sorry Harry
Produced by Sydney Crooks

ATLP 1006 U Roy - U Roy
Tracks: Treasure Isle Skank / Rule The Nation / Drive Her Home / Tom Drunk / Words Of Wisdom // The Merry Go Round / Wake The Town / What Is Catty / Everybody Bawling / Ain't That Bawling / Behold
Producer: Duke Reid

ATLP 1007 Tommy McCook - Tommy McCook
Tracks: Yard Broom / Carry Go Bring Come (uncredited Justin Hinds) / Twelve Minutes To Go / Magic / Strolling In / Dan De Lion // Apanga / Eastern Standard Time / Rough & Tough (Stranger Cole) / Musical Store Room / When You Call My Name (Stranger & Patsy) / River Bank
Produced by Duke Reid


ATLP 1008 Various - Musical Consortium
Tracks: That's When It Hurts / Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me / Gaye / Hit Me With Music / Keep Your Mouth Shut / The Rogue / Ain't Always What You Do / Snake In The Grass / One More Chance / At The Club / Pardon / Move Away

ATLP 1009 Lloyd Parks - Officially
Tracks: Officially / I Got My Baby Again / Say You Love Me / Who Is It / Don't Put Your Eggs In One Basket // Mighty Clouds Of Joy / Slaving / Corporal Jones / I'll Be A Man / The Only Girl / I Specialize In Good Girls
Produced by Lloyd Parks

ATLP 1010 John Holt - A Love I Can Feel
Tracks: A Love I Can Feel / Do You Want Me / Make Up / Love Divine / Nobody Else / Why Can't I Touch You // Tonight / If It Don't Work Out / Stranger In Love / It's Alright / Your Arms Reaching Out For Me / My Heart Is Gone
Produced by C.S. Dodd

ATLP 1011 Various - Big Bamboo
Originally intended as Bamboo release - BDLPS217 appears on sleeve and as scratched out matrix
Tracks: Rainy Night In Georgia (Lord Tanamo) / Got To Get Ourselves Together (Winston & Jerry) / Choking Kind (Ken Parker) / Fat Dog (Roy Richards) / Heavy Beat (Im & David) / So Long Rastafari Calling (Im & Count Ossie) // Suspicious Minds (Heptones) / Selection Train (Selected Four) / Maga Dog (Larry Marshall) / My Whole World Is Falling Down (Ken Parker) / Mr Fire Coal Man (Wailing Souls) / Sweet You Sour You (Freddie McKay)
Producer: C.S. Dodd

ATLP 1012 Various - Rave On Brother
Originally intended as Bamboo release - BDLP218 appears on sleeve
Tracks: I'm Alone (William Brown) / You Keep On Running (Delroy & U Roy) / Hey World (Alton Ellis) / With Every Dream (George Ferris) / Rope Of Sand (Joncunoo) / No More (Owen Gray) // Anniversary (Junior English) / Harder and Harder (Alton Ellis) / I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (Joncunoo) / Roomful Of Tears (Ruffians) / The End (Joncunoo) / When We Were Children (Joncunoo)
Produced by Junior Lincoln, Larry Lawrence, Ackee Productions

ATLP 1013 Freddie McKay - Picture On The Wall
Tracks: Picture On The Wall / You're Not The Kind / Love Is A Treasure / Father Will Cut You Off / So Long Farewell / You'll Be Sorry // High School Dance / Slip Away / Old Joe / A Little Bit Will Do / Can't Go On / Watch Your Step
Produced by C.S. Dodd

ATLP 1014 The Aggrovators - Natty Dub
Produced by Bunny Lee

ATLP 1015 Johnny Clarke - Enter In To His Gates With Praise
Tracks: Enter In To His Gates With Praise // None Shall Escape The Judgement / Move Up Rasta Man / Jah Jah We Are Waiting Upon You / Don't Talk Too Much / If You Should Lose Me / Left With A Broken Heart // You Are My Woman / Walk Away / My Desire / Hey Girl Don't Bother Me / True Believer In Love / Please Don't Go / In Paradise
Produced by Bunny Lee
Mixed at: King Tubby Studios, 18 Drummley Avenue, Kingston 11
Mixing Engineer: Osborune Ruddock Alias King Tubby The Great
All Musical Rhythms Played by The Agrovators

ATLP 1016 Derrick Morgan - Feel So Good
Tracks: So Long Baby / I Am Gone /  I Am Leaving / Shirley Come Back To Me / Leeīs Dream / Feel So Good / I Shot The Debuty / Reggae Train / Will You Marry Me / Please Donīt Hurt Me / O Be Generous / Iīm Gonna Put My Foot Down
Produced by Bunnie Lee
Mixed at King Tubby Studios
Mixing Engeneer: Osbourne Ruddock Alias King Tubby The Great
All Musical Rhythms Played By The Agrovators

ATLP 1017 Observer All Stars And King Tubbys - Dubbing With The Observer
Tracks: Rebel Dance / Casanova Dub / Silver Bullet / Rasta Locks / Dubbing With The Observer / Sir Nineys Rock // Jam Down / Parade Dub / Youth Man / Turntable Dub / Corn Man / Mister D. Brown-Skank / Rema Dub
Produced by Niney
Mixed by King Tubbys


ATLP 101 Various Artists - Sufferer's Choice
Tracks: Sufferer (The Kingstonians) / Condition Bad A Yard (The Ethiopians) / Trench Town Rock (Bob Marley And The Wailers) / Know Far I (Bongo Herman And Bunny) / Jordan River (Max Romeo And Glen Adams) / Take Warning (Billy Dyce) / Way Down In South (U-Roy) / Redder Than Red (Bob Marley And The Wailers) // Jah Jah Me No Born Yah (Cornell Campbell) / Deliver Us To Africa (Alton Ellis) / Yim Mas Gan (The Abbyssinians) / Crank Shaft Version (The Now Generation Band) / Niah Man (Johnny Osbourne) / Warricka Hill (The Versatiles) / The Song My Mother Used To Sing (Dennis Brown) / Nice Time (Bob Marley And The Wailers)

ATLP 102 Andrew Tosh - The Original Man
Tracks: Same Dog Bite / Too Much Rat / Heathen Rage / My Enemies / My Enemies - Dub Version // Magga Dog / I'm The Youngest / Poverty Is A Crime / Poverty Is A Crime - Dub Version / The Original Man / The Original Man - Dub Version
Produced by Winston 'Niney' Holness

ATLP 103 The Maytals - Do The Reggae 1966-70
Tracks: Bam Bam / 54-46 That's My Number / Struggle / Reborn / Just Tell Me / Do The Reggay / School Days / Bim Today // Hold On / Don't Trouble Trouble / Alidina / Sweet & Dandy / Oh Yeah / Water Melon / Johnny Cool Man / Night & Day

ATLP 104 Lee Perry And Friends - Shocks of Mighty 1969-1974
Tracks: Pound Get A Blow (The Upsetters) / No Bread And Butter (Milton Morris AKA Milton Henry) / The Tackro (1st, 2nd & 3rd Generation Upsetters) / Set Me Free (Dave Barker & Upsetters) / Dark Moon (The Upsetters) / Civilization (The Classics) / French Connection 2 (The Upsetters) // Black Mans Time (Neville Grant) / Three Blind Mice (Leo Graham) / Three Times Three (King Tubby & Upsetters) / Be Thankful (Bunny Clarke) / Dubbing In The Back Seat (Upsetters) / Woman's GottaHhave It (Jimmy Rilety) / Gotta have Dub (Upsetters) / Move Out Of My Way (Bunny Clarke) / Move out Dub (Upestters)
Produced by Lee Perry
Recorde at Randy's, Dynamic, Black Ark, Studios Kingston Jamaica

ATLP 105 Johnny Clarke - Enter Into His Gates With Praise
Tracks: Enter Into His Gates With Praise / None Shall Escape / The Judgement / Move Up Rasta Man / Jah Jah We Are Waiting Upon You / Don't Talk Too Much / If You Should Lose Me / Left With A Broken Heart / You Are My Woman / Walk Away / My Desire / Hey Girl Don't Bother Me / True Believer In Love / Please Don't Go / In Paradise
Produced by Bunny Lee

ATLP 106 The Aggrovators - Johnny In The Echo Chamber Dubwise Selection 1975-1976
Tracks: A Crabit Version / A Colder Version / Soldering Version / Not Enough Dub / Do You Dub / Since I Dub / Dub On My Pillow // Dub It On Home / Running Over / A Harder Version / Stop The Dubbing / A Chiney Man Version / A Ruffer Version / An Early Version
Produced by Bunny Lee
Mixed by the late King Tubby during 1975-1976, Lloyd 'Prince Jammy' James, 1976

ATLP 107 Johnny Clarke - Don't Trouble Trouble
Tracks: Rock With Me Baby / Cold I Up / Rebel Soldering / Too Much War / Do You Love Me / Since I Fell For You / Tears On My Pillow // Bring It On Home To Me / You Keep Me Running / Poor Marcus / Stop The Tribal War / Don't Call I Daddy / Don't Trouble Trouble / Don't Stay Out Late
Produced by Bunny Lee
Backed by The Aggrovators

ATLP 108 Lee Perry & Friends - Public Jestering
Tracks including: Public Jestering (Judge Winchester) / I'm A Dread Locks (Upsetters) / Dread Locks Version (Upsetters) / Stay Dread (Lee Perry) / Kingdom Of Dub (Upsetters) / Babylon Deh Pon Fire (Truth Fact & Correct) / Jungle Fever (Truth Fact & Correct) / Hypocrites (Jimmy & Glen)/ Black Candle (Leo Graham) / Bad Lamp (Upsetters) / Doctor Demand (Leo Graham)
Produced by Lee Perry

ATLP 109 Sonia Pottinger's Rock Steady - Put On Your Best Dress
Tracks Including: What A Agony (The Conquerors) / Blam Blam Fever (The Valentines) / Move Up (Al And The Vibrators) / Play It Cool (Monty Morris) / Swing And Dine (The Melodians) / Young Wings Can Fly (Johnny And The Attractions) / Pata Pata Rock Steady (Patsy And The Count Ossie Band) / All In One (The Valentines) // Put On Your Best Dress (Monty Morris) / Tell It To Me (Stranger Cole And Patsy) / Hard To Confess (The Gaylads) / Won't You Come Home (The Conquerors) / Little Nut Tree (The Melodians) / Creation Version (Charlei Ace) / I Need Your Loving (The Gaylads) / Say You (Ken Boothe)
Produced by Mrs Sonia. Pottinger
Recorded at Treasure Isle Studios, Kingston, Jamaica 1967-1968

ATLP 110 The Agrovators - Dub Justice
Tracks: A Version Of Class / A Rude Dubwise / Jah Jah Dub / Creation Dub / Knotty No Lie Version / Forward Version / This Ya Version Ya Red / Don't Try To Dub I // A Thankful Version / A Traditional Dub / A Confusing Version / A Kori Kong Version / A Stalawatt Version / Full Of Manners / A Roots Version / The Jehovah Version
Produced by Bunny Lee
Recorded in Kingston Jamaica 1975-1976
Mixed at King Tubby's Studio by the Late Osborne Ruddock, Prince Phillip Smart

ATLP 111 The Aggrovators And King Tubby's - Dub Jackpot
Tracks: Straight To Channel One Head (The Aggrovators) / Straight To Jacksons Head (King Tubby & The Aggrovators) / Watch This Version (King Tubby's & The Aggrovators) / Just A Version (King Tubby's) / Behold This Version (The Aggrovators) / The Knock-Out Punch Version (King Tubby's & The Aggrovators) / Straight To Edward's Head (King Tubby's & The Aggrovators) // Life Time Dub (King Tubby's & The Aggrovators) / A Come Version (Chinna & King Tubby) / Blessed Dub (King Tubby's & The Aggrovators) / So Much Version (The Aggrovators) / You're All I Got Version (The Aggrovators) / Going Version (King Tubby 's & The Aggrovators) / The Poor Barber (Dirty Harry)
Produced by Bunny Lee
All tracks recorded in KIngston Jamaica 1974-1976
Mixed at King Tubby's Studio

ATLP 112 Various Artists - Roots Rockers
Tracks : Soul Rebel (Bob Marley) / I Shot The Sheriff (Ken Boothe) / Negrea African Dub (Linval Thompson) / Skanky Producer (Charlie Chaplin) / The Tide Is High (John Holt) / Walk Away (Marie Pierre) / Dread Combination (Mickey Dread) / And I The Chosen One (Prince Far I) // Miss Jamaica (Jimmy Cliff) / Unity (Ras Michael) / Nice And Easy (Susan Cadogan) / Don't Give Up (Barrington Levy) / Funky Jamaica (Greyhound) / Jah Jah Fire (Barry Brown) / Return Of Django (The Upsetters) / Black Pearl (Horace Faith)

ATLP 113 Various Artists - Reggae Attack
Tracks: Liquidator (Harry J. All Stars) / Soul Shakedown Party (Bob Marley) / Love Of The Common People (Nicky Thomas) / Crying Over You (Ken Boothe) / Red Red Wine (Tony Tribe) / Skinhead Moonstomp (Symarip) / Dollar In The Teeth (The Upsetters) / 007 (Shanty Town) (Desmond Dekker) // Double Barrel (Dave & Ansel Collins) / Train To Skaville (The Ethiopians) / Longshot Kick De Bucket (The Pioneers) / Suzanne Beware Of The Devil (Dandy Livingstone) / Israelites (Desmond Dekker) / Monkey Man (The Maytals) / Many Rivers To Cross (Jimmy Cliff) / I'm In The Mood For Ska (Lord Tanamo)

ATLP 114 The Kingstonians - Sufferer
Tracks: Your Love / Singer Man / Sufferer / Hold Down / I'll Be Around / Winey Winey (Reggae) // The Clip / Rumble Rumble / Come We Go Moonwalk / Complicated Scene / Easy Ride Reggae / Nice Nice
A Move & Groove Record Production
Produced by Derrick Harriott
Recorded at Dynamic Studios, Kingston, Jamaica
Recording engineers: L. Anderson, C. Bucknor

ATLP 115 Various Artists - Be Thankful, An Attack Sampler
Tracks: Jah Jah Me No Born Yah (Cornell Campbell) / Hold Down (The Kingstonians) / Don't Trouble Trouble (The Maytals) / Be Thankful (Bunny Clarke) / If You Should Lose Me (Johnny Clarke) / A Ruffer Version (The Aggrovators) / Since I Fell For You (Johnny Clarke) // Stay Dread (Lee Perry) / Move Up (Al & The Vibrators) / A Kori Kong Version (The Aggovators) / Life Tiem Dub (King Tubby & The Aggrovators) / Miss Jamaica (Jimmy Cliff) / Cryoing Over You (Ken Boothe) / The Original Man (Andrew Tosh)

ATLP 116 Errol Dunkley - Darling Ooh
Tracks: You Never Know / Movie Star / Created By The Father / A Little Way Different / Like To Be Boozed / Hi-Life (Part 1) // Darling Ooh / Baby I Love You / You're Gonna Need Me / I'm Not The Man For You / It Was Nice While It Lasted / Hi-Life (Part 2)


Jackie Mittoo - Hot Blood
Produced by Bunny Lee

Jimmy Riley - Give Thanks And Praise

Trinity - If I Follow My Heart

Pancho Alphonso - Love Is A Pleasure

Aggrovators - Kaya Dub
Produced by Bunny Lee

Leroy Smart - Leroy Smart in London


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