Former address Ballistic Records:
55 Boscombe Road, London W12, England
94 Craven Park Road, London NW10, England


GUNLP 1001 Lloyd Lovindeer - Serious Times
Tracks: Serious Times / Jook Them / Mash It Down / A Tale Of Two Couples // Ride Ride Ride / Manners Up Yourself / No Dreadie / Dem A Cut / Holy Holy Holy
Produced by L.G. Lovindeer for Profilic Productions
Recorded at Concert Recording Studio & Devon Rd. Kingston Jamaica
Recording Engineers: Paul Davidson, Keith Gordon
Remix Engineer: Paul Davidson


IRE 3001 Various - Ballistic Sureshots


LBR 1010 Royals - Pick Up The Pieces (The Reggae File)
Tracks: Pick Up The Pieces / Ghetto Man / Jah Jah Knows / Sufferer Of The Ghetto / If I Were You // When You Are Wrong / Promised Land / Only For A Time / Blacker Black / Peace And Love
Arramged & Produced by Roy Cousins
Recorded in Kingston Jamaica

LBR 1013 Black Beard - Strictly Dub Wize (The Reggae File)
Tracks: Cut After Cut / Rebel Chase / Ites Of Dub / River Of Bank Rocking / Tell Yuh So // Strictly Dub / Mint Ah Music / Ska-be-doo-za / Ah Weh
Recorded at Gooseburry Studios, London
Engineers: Mark Lusardi, Dave Hunter, Dennis Bovell

LBR 1031 The Rass-es Band - Harder Na Rass (The Reggae File)
Tracks: Interstellar Overdub / Second Sight / Nebular Dub / Time Warp / Universally Dubbed // Terrestial Dub / Gravitational Echoes / Dub Vortex / Regenerated Dub / Cosmic Silence
The Recording: Prince Lincoln at Harry J
The Mixing: Prince Jammy's at King Tubby


SAM 100 Various - Ballistic Sureshots
Tracks: Conscious Man (Jolly Brothers) / Prophecy (Psalms) / Why Can't I Dub You (Trinity) / I'm Still In Love With You (Alton Ellis) / Holy Holy Holy (Lloyd Lovindeer) // Falling In Love Again (The Naturals featuring Frankie & Mike Philips) / Always Trying (Psalms) / Peace And Love (The Royals) / Life Part 2 (Prodigal Creator) / Marijuana (The Naturals featuring Frankie & Mike Philips)

SAM 101 Various - Ballistic 2nd Assault
Tracks: Love And Understanding (The Gayladds) / Free Namibia Dub (Force Of Music) / People Are You Ready (Prince Mohammed) / Earth Is The Lord (Love Brothers United) / Stand And Give Praise (The Royals) // If You Want Good (The Royals) / Jolly Bus-Ting (Errol Scorcher & Revolutionaries) / War (Winston Jarrett & The Righteous Flames) / Cardiac Arrest (Revolutionaries) / What Kind Of Woman (Earl Cunningham)
Produced by R. Cousins, B. Riley, Tony Shabbaz, Channel One

SAM 102 Various - Ballistic Breakouts
Tracks: You Should Love Your Brother (Naggo Morris) / They Know Not Jah (Royal Rasses) / Strain (The Revolutionaries) / Give The People (Sugar Minott) / Breakfast In Bed (Sheila Hylton) / Where You Gonna Run (Fantells/Deadly Headly) // Barber Saloon (Mikey Dread) / Love Is Gone (Gayladds) / Jolly Rhythm (Watty Burnett All Stars) / The Day Will Come (The Sadonians) / It's A Shame (Twin Roots) / Black Man Foundation/Push Dawta Push (Hugh Mundell/Jah Bull)

UAS 30178 The Meditations - Message From The Meditations
Tracks: Running From Jamaica / There Must Be A First Time / Tricked / Do Mama Do / Rome // Woman Is Like A Shadow / Babylon Trap Them / Woman Piabba / Chanching Times / Rastaman Prayer
Produced by Dobby Dobson
Engineers: Tom Moulton, Media Sound, Terry More, Kendun Studios

UAS 30189 Royals - Ten Years After
Tracks: My Sweat Turns To Blood (Disco Style) / Come A Long Way / Make Believe (Disco Style) // Stand And Give Praise (Disco Style) / Down Comes The Rain / Free Speech And Movement (Disco Style) / Freedom Fighters / Court Of Law
Produced by Roy Cousins
Recorded And mixed at Channel One, King Tubbys and at Dynamic by Karl Pitterson

UAG 30190 Force Of Music - Freedom Fighters Dub
Tracks: Blood For Freedom Dub / Free Namibia Dub / Black Prince And Princess Dub / Quake Heart Dub / Pieces Of Dub // Smoke Pipe Dub / Pagan Front Dub / Tribute To Lloyd Coxone In Dub / Fresh Cow Milk Dub / Meet The People Dub
All tracks written, produced and arranged by Roy Cousins as a tribute to Lloyd Coxone

UAG 30192 Prince Mohammed - People Are You Ready
Tracks: Go Up Town / Great Sounds Ska / Angelina / Natty Going Back To Africa / Fat John Tom // Africa Rocker / Johnny Trasher / Willow Tree / People Are You Ready
Produced by B. Riley
Engineered by B. Riley

UAG 30198 Errol Scorcher & The Revolutionaries - Rasta Fire
Tracks: Steppin' Worldwide / Sister Pat / Cardiac Arrest (Instradub) / Jolly Bus Ting / Show I The Way / Heart Failure (Instradub) // One Man Ranch / Rockers Hat / Post Mortem (Instradub) / Jump And Prance / Baby Mutha / Rigor Mortis (Instradub)
Produced, Arranged and Mixed at Channel One (The Baddest Studio)

UAG 30206 The Royals - Israel Be Wise
Tracks: Israel Be Wise / Come Let's Hold Hands / If You Want Good / Happy Time / Lonely Lover // Never Be Tomorrow Before Today / I Cried / Everything So Nice / New Generation / Same Old Story
Produced by Roy Cousins
Recorded and mixed at Channel One (The Baddest Studio)

UAG 30227 The Royal Rasses - Humanity
Tracks: San Salvador (Disco Style) / They Know Not Jah / Old Time Friends (Disco Style) // Unconventional People / Humanity (Love The Way It Should Be) / Mr. Kissinger / Kingston 11
Produced by Lincoln Thompson
Co-arranged by Errol Thompson
Recorded at Channel One, Dynamic
Mixed at Harry J
Mixed by Sylvan Morris
Engineer: Ernest Hookim, Jerome Francis

UAS 30229 The Force Of Music - Liberated Dub
Tracks: Moonlight City / Baktu / Waterhouse / Marverly / Riverton City // Cockburn Pen / Bell Rock / Whitewing Walk / Tower Hill / Central Village
Produced by Roy Cousins
Recorded and mixed at Channel One Recording Studio
Mixed by Ernest Hoo Kim

UAG 30236 The Gayladds - Understanding
Tracks: Love And Understanding (Disco Style) / May Be For Long (Disco Style) / Peculiar Man (Disco Style) // Little Candle (Disco Style) / Love Is Gone (Disco Style) / I.N.R.I (Disco Style)
Recorded at Channel One and King Tubbys Studios Kingston Jamaica
Produced by Roy Cousins & Thaxter, Roberts & Thaxter

UAK 30237 Revolutionaries - Revolutionaries Sounds Vol 2
Tracks: Tension / Pressure / Strain / Severe / Rigid // Intense / Retribution / Drastic / Energy / Urgency
Produced by Joseph Hookim
Recorded at Channel One Studio
Remixed at Channel One Studio
Engineers: Ernest Hookim & Barnabas

UAG 30259 The Rasses - Experience
Tracks: Nobody Here But Me / Blessed Are The Meek / Slave Driver / You Gotta Have Love (Jah Love) / Babylon Is Falling // True Experience / For Once In My Life / Walk In Jah Light / Jungle Fever / Thanksgiving
Produced by Lincoln Thompson
Executive Producer: Mo Claridge
Engineered and mixed by Sylvan (The Genius) Morris, Harry J. Studio

UAG 30261 Jolly Brothers - Consciousness
Tracks: Conscious Man / You've Got To Leave Him / I Moved Your Picture / Eagerly // Live The Life You Love / Heartbreak / Get Up Little Girl / Offence Will Come
Produced by Lloyd "Jammy" James & the Jolly Brothers, Tony J., Jolly Brothers

UAG 30272 Hortense Ellis - Reflections
Tracks: Unexpected Places / Precious, Precious / You're Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else / You've Done Me Wrong / If You're In Love // Girls / Jah Created The World / Hell And Sorrow / Somebody Help Me
Produced by: Augustus Clarke, Martin Williams & Prince Jammy

UAG 30309 Prince Lincoln And The Rasses - Natural Wild
Tracks: Mechanical Devices / Natural Wild / My Generation / Natural (Reprise) // Spaceship / People's Minds / People Love Jah Music / Smiling Faces
Produced by Lincoln Thompson, Joe Jackson
Recorded at Basing St. Studio
Engineer: Norman Mighell
Ast. Engineer: Stuart Henderson

UAG 30310 Sugar Minott - Give The People
Tracks: I'm Not For Sale / Give The People / Never Too Young / Be Careful // Right Track / Can't Get Over / Save The Children / This World
Produced, mixed by Prince Jammys


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