Former address BB Records:
197 Askew Road W 12, England


BBLF 001 Various Artists - BB Super Hits Volume 1
Tracks: Do It Again (Family Choice) / Cool It (Bill Campbell) / Private Number (Winston Curtis) / I Must Be Dreaming (Ginger Williams & Friends) / Is My Love Too Late (Honey Boy) / Sha-la-la-la (Bill Campbell) / As Long As You Love Me (Family Choice) // The Vow (Bill Campbell/Ginger Williams) / Heavy Whinner (Pete Campbell) / For The Love Of You (Bill Campbell) / Randy Mandy (Pete Campbell) / Glad The Day I Found You (Campbell Brothers) / Oh Baby Come Back (Ginger Williams) / It's Been So Long (Xpress)|

BBLP 1001 Ginger Williams - Strange World
Tracks: Baby We're Taking A Chance / Mad About You / Strange World / Tenderness / Oh Baby Come Back // I'll Still Love You / Here We Are / Please Forgive Me / Holding On / I'm Crying, I'm Crying
Produced by Bill Campbell
Backing by the Blackrocks


Last update on 12 August, 2016