BFMLP 100 Morwells - Cool Runnings
Tracks: Cool Runnings / Give It To Me / I Nah Want Dey Yah / Man Ah Kill Man / Let Me Remind You / Wish I Could Fly / Be Wise / Show I The Way / Selected Train / Reggae Party
Recorded at Channel One
Written by E. Lamont and M. Wellington
Produced by Blacka Morwell

BFMLP 101 Louisa "Markswoman" Marks - Breakout
Tracks: People In Love / Moving Target / 6, Six Street / Baby Simone / Even Though You're Gone / Funny Guys / Keep It Like It Is / Dancing And Feel Free / Reunited / Used To Be My Man
Produced by Clem Bushranger Bushay

BFMLP 102 Paulette Walker & Friends - Is There A Place In Your Heart For Me
Tracks: Mama Didn't Lie (Paulette Walker) / Chuck E's In Love (Paulette Walker) / Is There A Place In Your Heart For Me (Paulette Walker) / It May Be Winter Outside (Paulette Walker) / Tell Me Why (Kate McCarthy) // Silly (Paulette Walker) / So In Love (Paulette Walker) / Silhouettes (Janet Kay) / Sitting And Watching (Paulette Walker) / Rucklidge Avenue (Bushay's All Stars)

BFMLP 103 Various Artists - Collection Of Gold (Chapter One)
Tracks: Greatest Love Of All (Owen Gray) / Can You Remember (Sugar Minott) / Summertime (Domino Johnson) / I'm still Waiting (Sax-Hue) / Travelling Man (Dave Barker) / Love Me With All Your Heart  (David Isaacs) / Ruby And Diamond (Dave Robinson) / Herb Shark (Roman Stewart) / Out Of Love (Michael Black) / Respect (Al Campbell) // Can't Stop Loving You (Owen Gray) / What Can I Do - Locks Lee (Jesse Green) / Slow Dancing (Jimmy Stratdan) / Mum And Dad - (Louisa Marks) / Crocodile Tears (Dave Robinson) / Ready To Learn (Junior English) / Love Ballad (Kevin Henry) / Pretty Looks (Freddy McKay) / Love Ecstasy (Sensations) / Happiness And Not Loneliness (Junior Bailey)
Produced by Clem Bushay

BFMLP 104 Arawaks - Hot Cocoa
Tracks: Just Enough / Dearest / Push It / Hot Cocoa / (Inst) Dearest // Dance With The Arawaks / Please Don't Make Me Cry / Dance With Me / Candida / Memories And M. Monique

BFMLP 105 Owen Gray - Somthing Good Going On

BFMLP 106 Silhouette Bushay - So I Can Love You

BFMLP 107 Owen Gray - Instant Rapport

BFMLP 108 King Tubby & Harry J All Stars - Sun Power Vol. 1
Tracks: My Honey (Tender Touch) / It's Strange (Hepton Ire) / Sister Browne (Garlazer) / Crazy Crazy (Tender Touch) / Easy Love (Peter Gaughn) // Holding On (Sugar Ray) / You're My Lady (Peter Gaughn) / Easy Lover (Sugar Ray) / Don't Beat Your Woman (David Isaacs) / See & Blind (Papa D)
Produced by Allan Tonlinson & Newton Samuels for City Rock
Executive Producer: L.S. McLean
Recorded at King Tubby's Studio, Harry J Studio, Jamaica
Mixed at Sun Power Studio, Jamaica
Engineers: Trevor McDonald/David (Voop) Mason


Last update on 16 July 2003