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DDPB 1 Prince Buster - Big Five
Tracks: Big Five (Prince Buster) // Shaking Up Orange Street (Prince Buster) / Carolina (The Folk Brothers)

DDPB 2 Prince Buster's - Pick Of The Bunch
Tracks: Ride A Donkey / African Rock / Cleopatra / Make It Easy

DDPB 3 Prince Buster's - Naughty But Nice
Tracks: Wreck A Pum Pum / Virgin // Kinky Griner / Whine And Grine

DDPB 4 Behind Bars
Tracks: Judge Dread (Prince Buster) / City Riot (Buster All Stars) // It's Burkes Law (Jamaica's Greatest) / Barrister Pardon (Prince Buster)

BBDD 324 Prince Buster - Al Capone // Prince Buster - One Step Beyond

DDBB 334 Prince Buster's - Three Of The Best
Tracks: Ten Commandments / Madness / This Is A Holdup
Produced by Prince Buster


Last update on 10 December, 2006