Black Music is a subsidiary of Starlight Records

(Former) address Starlight Records:
17 Craven Park Road, Harlesden, London NW10, England


BMLP 801 Jackie Edwards - King Of The Ghetto
Tracks: Your Style / Come Dub Me Girl / Carry On Henry / Ghetto Girl / Survival Is The Game / King Of The Ghetto / Love Is Overdue / You've Got To Come Back / All I Have Is Love / Stir It Up / Sexy Sandy
Produced by Bunny Lee, Jackie Edwards
Recorded at Channel One
Mixed at Chanel One, King Tubby's
Mixed by Prince Jammy

BMLP 802 Peter Yellow - Hot
Tracks: Yellow Man Connection / Nice Up The Session / Don't Disgrace You Wife / Satta Pan Me Fence / How Fe Cross River Jordan // Yellow Language / Dub Her In Dance Hall / Super Dooper / Go A Heritage / Living In The Ghetto
Produced by Prince Jammys
Mixed by Prince Jammys
Mixed at Channel 1and King Tubbys Studio

BMLP 803 Delroy Wilson - Go Away Dream
Tracks: Spit In The Sky / When She Was My Girl / No More Heartaches / Golden Touch / I Want To Love You / Silhouette Silhouette // Go Away Dream / Won't You Come Home / Baby Here I Am / Cant Take You Back / Let's Not Fight Anymore / If You Would Stand By Me
Produced by Bunny Lee
Backed by The Agrovators
Mixed and voice at King Tubbys Studios by Prince Jammys

BMLP 804 King Tubby's And The Aggrovators - Dubbing In The Backyard
Tracks: Relaxing Mood / Adventure / Summers Eve / Warm Weather / Easy Mood // Natural Glow / Plantation Run / Hot Weather / Mountains Rains / Hideaway
Produced by Bunny Lee
Backed by The Agrovators
Mix by Prince Jammy at King Tubby's Studios

BMLP 805 Johnny Clarke - I Man Come Again
Tracks: I Man Come Again / Bend Down Low / My Chatter Box / Take Heed / The Wicked A Fight // Judgement Is Coming / Get In The Groove / Let's Make It Up / Do You Love Me / Don't Want To Be No Rude Boy
Produced by Bunny Lee
All tracks laid at Channel One Studio
Mix and voice at King Tubby's by Prince Jammy
All tracks backed by the Agrovators


Last update on 26 December, 2006