BS 004 Various Artists - Handsworth Explosion Vol 1
Tracks: Ancestors Calling (Sceptre) / New Language (Truths & Rigths) / Traveling (Black Symbol) / Gerald Love (Jah Children) / Music Business // Saddest Moment (Truths & Rights) / Spiritual Reggae (Black Symbol) / Scandal Man (Gerald Love) / Living On Strong (Sceptre) / Free Man (Zephaniah)
Recorded  and Mixed at Outlaw Studio

BS 007 Various Artists - Handsworth Explosion Vol 2
Tracks: Stop The War (Benjamin Zephaniah) / Redemtion Day (Man From The Hills) / Living In The Ghetto (Mystic Foundation) / Feeling Is Ire (Black Symbol) / Lets Make Up (Black Knights) // Trouble Trouble (Black Symbol) / Unite Handsworth (Benjamin Zephaniah) / How Long (Man From The Hills) / Handsworth (Mystic Foundation) / Feeling (Black Knighs)
Mixed by Fatman & Outlaw
Recorded at Outlaw studio


Last update on 19 April, 2012