CSA 12"S

Former address CSA Records:
101 Chamberlayne Road, London NW10 3NP, England


SPCSA 12001 Junior Brown - My Devotion // Junior Brown - People
Produced by Prince Far I

SPCSA 12002 Charlie Chaplin & Don Carlos - Unity Is Strength // Charlie Chaplin - Leggo Me Shirt Gate Man
Recorded, voiced & mixed at Channel One Studios, Jamaica // Voiced and mixed at King Tubby's
Engineered by Scientist // Engineered by Professor
Rhythm by Roots Radics
Produced by Roy Cousins

SPCSA 12003 Michael Prophet - Rich Man Poor Man // Michael Prophet - Never Fall In Love
Produced at Channel One Studios by Michael Prophet

SPCSA 12004 Undivided Roots - True Love // Audie Murphy With The Undivided Roots - Bounty Hunter / Undivided Roots - I Love Music
Produced by Undivided Roots for Ruff Cutt Music
Vocal Recorded and Mixed by Professor at King Tubby's Studio Jamaica

SPCSA 12005 U. Brown - Jam It Tonight // U. Brown - African Princess
Produced by Hu Brown for Hit Sound Records
Recorded and mixed at Channel One Studios, Jamaica

SPCSA 12006 Lacksley Castell - Tug-A-War Games // Earl Sixteen - Rise In The Morning
Recorded at Channel One Studios, Kingston
Produced by Roy Cousins

SPCSA 12007 Earl 16 - Peek-A-Boo // Earl 16 - Julia
Produced by Roy Cousins at Channel One Studios, Jamaica

SPCSA 12008 Peter Metro & Yellowman - The Girl Is Mine // Al Campbell - Bad Boy
Produced at Channel One Studios, Jamaica by Clive Jarrett and Beswick 'Bebo' Phillips

10CSA 500 Errol Dunkley - Betcha By Golly Wow & Version // Errol Dunkley - Prestige Woman
CSA 10"
Produced and arranged by Sonny and Jackal

12CSA 501 Natural Ites & The Realistics - Picture On The Wall // Natural Ites & The Realistics - Jah Works Mamma
Arranged by T.K.V. Eitiko
Produced by Johnny White

12CSA 501 Natural Ites - Picture On The Wall (Special 1985 Re-mix) // Natural Ites - Jah Works Mamma Arranged by T.K.V. Eitiko
Produced by Johnny White
Remixed by Chris Lane

12CSA 502 Don Carlos - Nice Time (Late Night Blues) // Don Carlos - Get Up
Produced by The Mighty Fatman

12CSA 503 Sticky Wicket - Talking Cricket // Sticky Wicket - Cricket Dub
Produced by Andy Pask & Ian Wilson for Andian Music
Recorded at Parsifal Studios
Engineered and mixed by Geoff Calver

12CSA 504 Natural Ites & The Realistics - Lion Inna Jungle (UK Mix) / Lion Inna Jungle (UK Mix) // Natural Ites & The Realistics - Love And Understanding
Produced by Johnny White, Horns arranged by Albert 'Eitiko' Barnes
Re-mixed by Chris Lane in Mark Angelos Studios, London
Produced by Johnny White in Aquarius Sound Studios Kingston, Jamaica

12CSA 505 Keith Douglas - You Move Me // Keith Douglas - Angel
Produced by Keith Douglas

12CSA 506 Milton Smalling - Fighting Spirit // Milton Smalling - If You Break The Curfew
Produced by Milton Smalling
Recorded at the Basement Studios

12CSA 507

12CSA 508 Pad Anthony - Carrot And Onion // King Evral - Ebony Eyes
Recorded and Mixed by Peter Chemist at Channel One Studios, Jamaica
Produced by Errol 'Myrie' Lewis and John Marshall

12CSA 509 Sugar Minott - What A Feeling / The Green & Gayle Possee - Riot Inna Brixton // Jah Son - Candy Man
Produced and arranged by Green & Gayle, John Marshall and Myrie Lewis
Recorded at Aquarious Studio, Jamaica, Channel One Studios, Jamaica

12CSA 510

12CSA 511 Skanga - Hey Fred! (You Need A Sunbed) // Skanga - Feeling Inside
Produced by Charlie Spencer

12CSA 512 Joseph Cotton - Yuh A Mi Lover // Joseph Cotton And The Luvvers - Lovers In Dub
Produced by Joseph Cotton

12CSA 513 Carol Brown - I Won't Hurt Your Feelings / Jackie Mittoo - Whistling Willie // Carol Brown - A Little Action / A Little Action (Inst.)
Produced by Jackie Mittoo

12CSA 514 Blaka & Bello - Ganja Tree // Mr. Blaka - Dance Hall
Produced by Barry and Eric Ford for 4D Productions
Recorded at Steel and Skin Studios, London

12 CSA 515 Tippa Lee & Rappa Robert - Dibi Dibi Sound // The Barry Clarke Ensemble - Dibi Dibi Dub
Produced in Kingston, Jamaica by Barry Clarke
Executive Producers; barry Clarke and Franklyn White
Engineered by Chris "Nuclear" Daley

12CSA 516 Joseph Cotton - Me No Inna It // Joseph Cotton - Yuh A Mi Lover
Produced by K. 'Fatman' Gordon , Joseph Cotton
Recorded at Easy Street Studios
Mixed at Channel One Studios, Jamaica

12CSA 517 Top Cat featuring Tony Michael - Ragga Mi Like / Ragga Mi Version // Top Cat - Ragga Mi Like (P.A. Mix) / Ragga Mi Like (Alternative P.A. Mix)
Mixed by Joe Grine
Produced by H. Hall & D. Josephs for Dance Vibes
Musicians: Leroy Davis + Sgt. Pepper

12CSA 518 Phyllis Barnes - Dedicated To The One I Love / Dedicated To The One I Love (Passion Mix) // Phyllis Barnes - Please Mister Ocean / Please Mister Ocean (Storm Mix)
Produced by Carlton Jackson at Tuff Gong Studios, Jamaica
Musicians: Roots Radics Band plus Dean Frazer & Co. on Horns


Sugar Minott - How Could I Let You Go Away

Linval Thompson - You Baby

U Brown - Tu Sheng Peng
Produced by John Kelly

Don Carlos - Plantation
Produced by Roy Cousins

Sugar Minott - Mind Blowing Decisions

Janet Kay - No Easy Walk To Freedom

Michael Levy - Mr. Wicked Man
Produced by Johnny White

Peter Metro & Sister Charmaine - Dibi Dibi Girl
Produced by Peter Metro


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