DCLP 001 Various - Dread At The Controls Master Showcase
Tracks: Dubbing Master (Michael Israel) / (D.A.T.C.) Masterpiece (Roots Radix & Steelie) / Mr. Slave- Master (Radix, King Tubby & Scientist D.A.T.C. Stylee) / Jah Jah Is The Master (Earl Sixteen) // Moneymakers (Gilly Buchanan) / Sweet Inspirations (The Ovations) / Door-Keeper (Roots Radix Special) / Who Is The Master? (Sunshine)
Another Exclusive Michael Campbell Production Mixed at KIng Tubby's Studio, Eaterhouse, Jamaica W.I.
Engineers: Overton (Scientist) Brown & Mikey Dread

DATCLP 002 Mikey Dread - African Anthem The Mikey Dread Show Dubwise
Tracks: Saturday Night Style / Industrial Spy / Headline News / Mikey Dread In Action // Resignation Dub / Technical Selection / Comic Strip / Pre-dawn Dub / Operator's Choice
Produced and Arranged by Michael "Dread At The Controls" Campbell
Recorded at Channel One, Joe Gibbs, Treasure Isle and King Tubby Studios, Kingston, Jamaica W.I.
Engineers: Ernest Hoo-Kim, Errol T, errol Brown, Michael Campbell
Remix Engineers: Prince Jammie, King Tubby, Michael Campbell

DATCLP 003 Earl Sixteen - Reggae Sound
Tracks: Going To Africa / Reggae Sound / Dread-A-General / Loving You / Mount Zion // Israel Tribes / Hanging On / Love For You / Stay With Me / This Tribulation
Another Exclusive Michael Campbell Production
Recorded at Channel One Studios
Recording engineers: Lancelot (Macie) McKenzie and Bunny
Mixing: Aquarius Studios, King Tubby's
Mixing Engineers: Scientist (Tubby's), Mervyn Williams (Aquarius), Mikey Dread (D.A.T.C. Style)
Remixed and edited at Battery Studios, Willesden, London by Nigel Green
Backing vocals: The Ovationz & Friends

DATCLP 004 Various - Rockers Vibration
Tracks: Shy Girl (The Ovationz) / Real Long Time (Michael Israel) / Forever Love (The Ovationz) / Hot Cross Bun (Mikey Dread) / Black History (Hopeton Lindo) // His Imperial Majesty (Rod Taylor) / In This Time (Sugar Minott) / Taking The World (Sunshine) / Mr DJ (Earl Sixteen) / Freezing (DATC Stable)

DATCLP 005 Roots Radics - Dread At The Controls Dub Catalogue Volume 1
Tracks: Demo Dub / Raving Style / Dub Addict / Stereo Dub / Brain Wave // Two Track Dub / Front Room Dub / Control Tower Dub / Reflextion Dub / Dreadlocks Dub

DATCLP 006 Mikey Dread - World War III
Tracks: The Jumping Master / Break Down The Walls / Jah Jah Love (In The Morning) / Israel (12 Tribe) Stylle (Extended Play) // Money Dread / Mental Slavery / Skin Head Skank / Losers, Weepers, Finders Keepers / World War III (Extended Play)
Produced by The Dread At The Controls, The Reggae Music Master
Recorded at Channel One Studios & Aquarius Studios, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.
Engineers: Lancelot "Maxie" McKenzie & Mervyn Williams
Mixed at King Tubby's Studio, Waterhouse, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I., Wessex Sound Studios, London
Mixed by "Scientist" Overton Brown & M. Campbell, Bill Price
Remixed at Wessex Studios, 109 Highbury New Pk., London by Bill Price assisted by Jeremy Green

DATCLP 007 Junior Murvin - Bad Man Possee
Tracks: Bad Man Possee / Guitar/Guitar Dub / Never Fall In Love/Heartbreaker // Rebellion/Dub Rebel / Brixton Possee/D.A.T.C. Dubplate / Man Is The Fire
Another Exclusive Michael Campbell Production
Recorded at Channel One Studios, Jamaica W.I.
Voiced at Aquarius Recording Studios, Kingston, Jamaica W.I.
Mixed & remixed at Aquarius Recording Studios, Kingston, Jamaica W.I.
Engineer: Mervyn Williams
Musicians: Roots Radix Band


DATCLP 008 Mikey Dread - Jungle Signal
Tracks: Signal One / Jungle Signal / Signal Three/Dub / Rainbow Jungle // Star Chaser/Jungle Gym / Jungle Juice / Dub Jungle / Theme Signal (Jungle Theme)

DACLP 009 Mikey Dread - Dub Merchant
Tracks: Freestyle Dubatak / Theme From "Solidarity" / Dub Trakarak / Klappaz Konekshan / 3 O'clock Dubatak // Gully Bank Dub / River Nile Style / Radix Revenge / Tricky Track / Dub Venture / Jamba Dub / Dubservation
Produced by Mikey Dread
Mixed by King Tubby, Mikey Dread, Scientist, Mervyn Williams, Jeremy Green

RIDE 10 Mikey Dread - S.W.A.L.K.
Tracks: Rocky Road / Swalk / Positive Reality / Heavy-weight Sound // Problems / Zodiac Signs / Armagiddeon Style / In Memory (Jacob, Marcus & Marley)
A Michael Campbell Master Production


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