Former address DEB Music:
79 Battersea Rise, London SW11, England


DEBLP 01 Dennis Brown - Wolf & Leopards
Tracks: Wolf And Leopards / Emanuel / Here I Come / Whip Them Jah Jah / Created By The Father // Party Time / Rolling Down / Boasting / Children Of Israel / Lately Girl
Produced by Castro Brown & Dennis Brown

DEBLP 02 Various - Black Echoes
Tracks: War In The City (Bob Andy) / Africa (Dennis Brown) / Frozen Soul (Lenox Brown) / The Half (Dennis Brown) / Famine (Junior Delgado) // Come On In (Heptones) / Lonely Girl (Lenese Linton) / Party Serenade (Lenox Brown) / Friends & Family (Joseph Gordon) / Girls Imagination (15-16-17)
Produced by Dennis Brown, Alphonso Small, Castro Brown
Major recording and remxing was done at Joe Gibbs Recording Studio, Retirement Crescent, Kingston 5, Jamaica
Recording engineer: Errol Thompson
Additional re-mixing was done at King Tubbys Studio with Prince Jammy at the controls

DEBLP 03 DEB Players - Umoja Love & Unity
Tracks: Cool Runnings / Sounds Almighty / Umoja / Guidance / The Truth // Cry Of The Destitute / Mercy For The Needy / Something Special / Sonds Of Dust / Structure
Produced by Dennis Brown
Engineer: Prince Jammy
Recorded at Joe Gibbs Recording Studio, Channel One and King Tubby's

DEBLP 04 Gregory Isaacs - Mr. Isaacs
Tracks: Sacrifice / Storm / Story Book Children / Hand Cuff / Slave Master // Get Ready / Set The Capture Free / The Winner / Smile
Produced by Gregory Isaacs
An African Museum Production
Recorded at Channel One Studio, Kingston 13, Jamaica
Mixed and Voiced at Errol T. Studio
Engineer: Ossie Hibbert
Backing Vocals: The Heptones
Rhythm: The Revolutionaries

DEBLP 05 Junior Delgado - Taste Of The Young Heart
Tracks: Tonight / I've Got A Feeling / Armed Robbery / All I Have Is Love / Trickster // Famine / Love Won't Come Easy / Storm Is Coming / Blackman's Heart / Devil's Throne
Produced by Dennis Brown for DEB Music
Recorded at Joe Gibb's Recording Studio, Channel One and Harry J Studios
Remix Enginers: Errol Thompson and Sylvan Morris

DEBLP 06 DEB Players - 20th Century DEBwise
Tracks: Cop's Spy / Ting A Ling Style / Great Man Called Kanyatta / Thunder! / Dancing In The Street // Riot In The Streets / Open The Gate Of Rhodesia / Robbery In The City / Murder! / Ragga Muffin Style
Produced by Dennis Brown
Mixed at King Tubbys by Prince Jammy

DEBLP 07 Al Campbell - Showcase
Tracks: Working Man / Tough Man Skank / John Tom / Roots Rock / Big Man / Big Dub / Children Of The Ghetto / Ghetto Dub / Mary Ann / Mary Dub

DEBLP 08 Various - House Of DEB

DEBLP 09 Deb Music Players - DJ Tracking
Tracks: Creator (Jah Thomas) / Dreadlock Diciple (Ras Bug) / Fifty One Storm (Big Joe) / Fisherman (Ras Bug) / Lightening Ball (Ras Bug) / Murder (DEB Music Players) / Rent Man (Jah Thomas) / Saturday Night (Trinity) / Sugar And Spice (Buckers) / Zo Tarry Yah (Ras Bug)
Produced by Dennis Brown

DEBLP 010 Junior Delgado - Effort
Tracks: Row Fisherman Row / Caution / Warning / Effort / Hold Me Tighter // She's Gonna Marry Me / Easy Girl / Live Like A Hermit / My Miss World / Sisters And Brothers
Produced by Junior Delgado and Dennis Brown
Recorded at Channel One Studios, Joe Gibbs Studios, R.J. Studios in Jamaica
Engineers: Junior Delgado, Errol Thompson, Selvan Morris

DEBLP 036 Black Uhuru - Wood For My Fire
Never Released


EMC 3300 Dennis Brown - Wolf And Leopards
Tracks: Wolf And Leopards / Emanuel / Here I Come / Whip Them Jah Jah / Created By The Father // Party Time / Rain From The Skies / Boasting / Children Of Israel / Lately Girl
Produced by Dennis Brown and Castro Brown


DEB 002 Dennis Brown - Joseph's Coat of Many Colours
Tracks: Slave Driver / Open Your Eyes / Creator / Cup of Tea / Together Brothers // Oh What A Day / Well Without Water / Three Meals A Day / Home Sweet Home / Man Next Door
Produced by Dennis Brown
Engineered by Maxie, Ruddy Thomas & Sylvan Morris
Remixed by Maxie & Sylvan Morris


DEBLP ??? Dennis Brown - So Long Jah Rastafari

DEBLP ??? Me & You - In The Future


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