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DH 1001 Leroy Smart - Leroy Smart
Tracks: Jah Jah Forgive Them / Beautiful Rainbow / Africa / Babylon Wicked / I Love You Girl / Love In My Heart // African Woman / Give Jah Praises / No Love / Love Everyone / Just Tell Me / Mister Smart
Produced by Leroy Smart
Recorded at Channel One Studio
Backing Group: The Revolutionaries

DH 1004 Leroy Smart - Impressions Of Leroy Smart
Tracks: Lorna / Music Is Sweet / Gambling / Jah Is My Future Guide / Don't Let Me Down / Man Of Future // In This Time / Rasta Man / Back Out Weak Heart / You I Can't Forget / Do You Remember / Rasta Time
Produced by Leroy Smart


Last update on 24 March, 2006