Former address D-Roy Records:
5 Felixstowe Road, Kensal Green, London NW10, England


MFLP 1001 D-Roy Band - Orthodox Dub


DRLP 1001 (PFULP 5501) D. Witter - Mawamba Dub (Warrior)
Tracks: Jelani Dub (Mighty) / Femi Dub (Love Me) / Wake Up / Bern Dub (Peace) // Zeburi Dub (Strong) / Pepper Dub / Black Cloud Dub / Mpumelele Dub (Success) / Bitter Soup
Produced and Arranged by D. Witter
Recorded at TMC and Gooseberry, London
Mixed at Gooseberry and T.M.C.
Engineer and mix by Dennis Bovel, Patches, D. Witter and Echo

DRLP 1002 (PFULP 5502) Various - Pick Up The Hits
Tracks: Be Thankful (Cornel Campbell) / I Do Love You (Janet Kay) / Susie Wong (Tyrone David) / Let Me Go Girl (Cornell Campbell) / Wis-Dub (Ranking Superstar) // Just For Your Love (Sonia) / That's What Friends Are For (Janet Kay) / Listen Dread (Cornel Campbell) / Augustus Dub (Paul)
Produced and arranged by D. Witter
Recorded at T.M.C. Goosberry and Chalk Farm, London
Mixed at Gooseberry and T.M.C. and Desebel London
Engineer and mix by Dennis Bovell, Patches and D. Witter

DRLP 1003 Black Uhuru - Showcase
Tracks: Leaving to Zion / General Penitentiary / Guess Who's Coming to Dinner // Abortion / Natural Reggae Beat / Plastic Smile
Arranged & produced by Sly & Robbie
Backed by The Revolutionar

DRLP 1004 Heptics - Little Girl

DRLP 1005

DRLP 1006 Sonia - Magic Lady
Tracks: Something Special / Hard Times / Love Don't Live Here Anymore / I Never Knew // Used To Be My Dread / I'm Still Waiting / Nobody Loves Me / Ooh Baby Baby
Produced by D. Witter (D Roy)

DRLP 1007 Ringo - Dry Land Tourist

DRLP 1006 World Sound & Power Band - Mawamba Dub (Warrior) Chapter Two
Tracks: Fah-Ee-Zah (Victorious) / Part Two / Dee-Keh-Dee / Part Two / Back Street // Faw-Iah (Honor) / Kay-Ghee-Sol (Peace) / Warlord / Hah-Bee-Bah (Beloved) / Felixstowe Rock
Produced by D. Witter
Mixed by D. Witter, Bunny Tom Tom & Peter
Recorded at Channel One Studio, Jamaica, W.I.
Over Dubs ar T.M.C. Studio
Mixed at Channel One and T.M.C. Studio
Engineered by Barnerbas and Maxie


Last update on 7 February 2002