Former address Ethnic Fight:
336 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, London SW9, England


EF 2214 Sydney Rodgers - Miracle Worker
Tracks: Child From A Broken Home / Part-Time Lover / Miracle Worker / Make A Break / Raggy Raggy Clothes // Love & Friendship / Itch & Scratch / Don't Throw Stones / The Peppermint Seller / One Out Of A Million
Prod. arr. cond. Larry Lawrence
Recorded at Dynamic, Regent B & Chalk Farm
Eng. Vic Keary, Steve Cooper, Karl Pitterson

EF 2222 Sidney Rogers - Tippin' In
Tracks: Don't Want To End Up In Slavery Again / Roots / Mary & Bobby / Droppin' Out // Musician & DJ Party / Music Is My Religion / This Love / Another Lonely Night / Things Got Better

EF 4416 Ethnic Fight Band - Out Of Many Comes Many Dubs
Tracks: Portobello Road Dub / Harrow Road Dub / Painted Dub / Danny J Special / Out Of One Man Comes Many Dubs // Kilburn Highroad Dub / Bumper Dub / Orangutang / Pressure Them In Dub / Souls In Dub
Produced by Larry Lawrence

EF 4419 Various - International Rockers
Tracks: It's You I Adore (Love Brothers United) / Public Enemy No. 1 (Ruddy Mowatt) / Mr. Fitzy (Tony Shabazz) / Make Haste (David Anthoney) / Like A Child (David Anthoney) / My Pretty Playmate (David Anthoney) // Enemy Dub (Tony Shabazz Band) / Dub The Fuzz (Tony Shabazz Band) / Adore The Dub (Tony Shabazz Band) / Conqueror Dub (Tony Shabazz Band) / A No Me Officer (Love Brothers United) / Child Dub (Love Brothers United)
Produced by K. McKenley, T. Shabazz, D. Anthoney
Recorded at Channel One Studio and Randys Studio, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.
Engineers: Ernest Chin & Errol Thompson
All songs originally mixed by Ernest Chin & Errol Thompson
Additional remixing and transferring done at Half Moon Reproduction Studio, Toronto, Canada, by John Forbes
Reproduction supervision by Larry Lawrence and Oswald Creary

EF 4420 Various - Various Artists Volume 1
Tracks: Woman A Follow Man (Sang Hugh) / Jacquelino (Sidney Rogers) / Oh Girl (You Inspire Me) (Busty Brown And Dave Barker) / Tears On My Pillow (Barrington Spence) / Chain Gang (Frankie J) / Bury-o-boy (Junior Byles) // Blind Man (George Barratt) / Why Did You Paint Your Face? (Jimmy Burke) / Another Lonely Night (Sidney Rogers) / Muriel (Junior English) / Promise (Gregory Isaacs) / Down Presser (Booker T) (Nathan Skyers)
Producers: L. Campbell, L. Lawrence, D. Brown

EF 4422 S Sonny Bins & The Ethnic Fight Band - Gold Dust
Tracks: Ganja Special / African Gold Dust / Tribesman Skank / Patches // Mash Up Yard / Jah Serenade / Fracture Ribs / Broke Jaw
Produced by Larry Lawrence

EF 4444 The Ethnic Fight Band - Music Explosion
Tracks: Dub Explosion / Keep On Dubbing / See-Deh-Dub / In The Mood Rocker // Jacquelino Rocker / Imperial Dub / Lorane Rocker Dub / Rock Steady Rocker


ETH 1326 Natural Mystic - Natural Love


Various - The Best Of Ethnic Fight


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