Address Fashion Records:
274 Lavender Hill, Clapham Junction, London SW11 1LJ, England


FADLP 001 Various Artists - Great British M.C.'s
Tracks: Slam Bam (Smiley Culture) / Mi God Mi King (Phillip Levi) / Fast Style Origination (Asher Senator) / Me Neat Me Sweet (Peter King) / A Gentleman With Manners (Macka B) // It's Coming Down (Smiley And Asher) / Fare Dodger (Papa Benjie) / Nice Up The Session (Pato) / To The Bump (Papa Face And Bionic Rhona) / You're Nicked (Laurel And Hardy)
A Fashion Production
Engineers: Chris Lane, Gussie Prento & Barry Boom

FADLP 002 Johnny Ringo Meets Asher Senator - JA To UK M.C. Clash
Tracks: Asher In Court (Asher Senator) / Nice And Easy (Johnny Ringo) / To Whom Respect Is Due (Asher Senator) / New Yorker (Johnny Ringo) / Senator No Skin Up (Asher Senator) // Dedicated To Jah (Johnny Ringo) / Jah Me Right (Asher Senator) / History Of Jamaica (Johnny Ringo) / Abbreviation Qualification (Asher Senator) / I And I Number (Johnny Ringo)
Another Fashion Production
Voiced and mixed at A-Class Dub Studio
Engineers: Chris Lane and Gussie Prento

FADLP 003 Junior Delgado - It Takes Two To Tango
Tracks: Gone Is The Love / My Heart Will Follow You / It's True / Magic Of Love / Two To Tango // Labba Labba / Hot Stuff / Rebel Sold In Captive / Rebel Sold (Acoustic Version)
Recorded, Voiced and Mixed at A-Class Studio by Chris Lane and Gussie Prento

FADLP 004 Asher Senator - Born To Chat
Tracks: Lyrics Protecting / Talk Like The Animals / Exercising / Mek Dem Talk / Duck And Head Out // Whole World's Gone Digital / Live Musicians / Rule Over England / Thank You Sah / End In Jah
Another fashion Production
Recorded and Mixed at A-Class and , Mark Angelo Studios by Chris Lane and Gussie P.

FADLP 005 Nerious Joseph - Love's Gotta Take It's Time
Tracks: Love's Gotta Take It's Time / Move On Up / Catastrophe / Safer / Ain't Too Proud To Beg // No One Night Stand / Gwan Go Spree / Running Around / Sensi Crisis / Sunshine Girl
Another Fashion Production
Recorded, Voiced and Mixed at the A-Class Studio and at , Mark Angelo's by Chris Lane and Gussie P

FADLP 006 Michael Gordon - Feelings Of Love
Nobody Else But You / Don't Wanna Lose Your Love / Everything Or Nothing / Ready And Waiting For You / You're The Only One For Me / Come Around And Give Me Your Love / Feeling Of Love / Magic Feeling / Whht Am I To Say / Turn Out The Lights

FADLP 007 Papa San & Tippa Irie - JA To UK M.C. Clash Vol. 2
Tracks: Gal Bring It Come (Tippa Irie) / Write Me A Letter (Papa San) / It's A Hit (Tippa Irie) / Gals Love The Man (Papa San) / Long Time Friend (Tippa Irie) / Predominant (Papa San) / Sweetness Lyrics (Tippa Irie & Daddy Rusty) / It A De Talking (Papa San) / Time For Reality (Tippa Irie) / Look How Jah Great (Papa San)
Recorded at A Class (UK)
Mixed by Gussie P, Chris Lane

FADLP 008 Various Artists - Revives Classic Lovers Volume 1
Tracks: Let's Dub It Up (Dee Sharp) / I Specialize In Good Girls (Keith Douglas) / I'll Be Around (Private I's) / Love Will Find A Way (Johnnie Clarke) / I'ts Too Late (Jackie) // Sweet Soul Rocking (Carlton Lewis) / Dance Pon De Corner (Papa Face) / Swing & Dine (Dee Sharp) / You'll Never Need Somebody (Janice Walker) / Long Time Me Call You (Junior Brown)

FADLP 009 Various Artists - Revives More Classic Lovers Volume 2
Tracks: Cool Down Amina (Keith Douglas) / Rocking To The A-Class Champion  (Johnnie Clarke) / Follow Your Heart (Dee Sharp) / Folk Song (Private I's) / Girls (Fenton Smith) // Rising To The Top (Dee Sharp) / Try Love Again (Keith Douglas) / Small Talking (Carlton Lewis) / Rock This Rub-A-Dub (Me & You) / Easy Loving (Nerious Joseph) 

FADLP 010 Various Artists - Revives Vol. 3 The Jamaican Connection

FADLP 011 Various - The Fine Style Collection Vol. 1 Rock With Me Baby
Fine Style label
Tracks: Rock With Me Baby (Winsome & Nerious Joseph) / Born Free (Winsome) / Fattie Fattie (Nerious Joseph) / Love Is What You Make It (Michael Gordon) / I'll Get Over It (Aston Esson) // Yesterday's Magic (Peter Spence) / Can't Take The Lies (Winsome) / Love Me Girl (Alison Hemmings & Nerious Joseph) / Love Is In The Air (Michael Gordon) / Dream Or Reality (Aston Esson)

FADLP 012 Various Artists - Fashion Presents Jamaica's Finest Vol. 1
Tracks: Earth Angel (Frankie Paul) / What Is This? (Joseph Cotton & Shako Lee) / All Night Rocking (Jr. Delgado) / I'm In Love (Leroy Gibbon) / Girl Crazy/Daydreaming (Mikey General & Junior Delgado) // Breaking Up (Jr. Delgado) / It's A Shame (Delroy Wilson) / Mr. Walker (Mikey General) / Let's Get Married (Delroy Wilson) / Mrs. Brown (Horace Andy)
A Fashion Production
Recorded and mixed at The New A-Class Studio by Chris Lane and Gussie P.
Rhythms by The A-Class Crew

FADLP 013 Nerious Joseph - Yours To Keep
Tracks: Love To Treasure / I Will Follow You / Love Is A Dangerous Thing / Something Special / Bridge Of Love // Won't You Let Me Be The One / I Need Your Loving / Everybody's Talking / Dedicated To Jah / .She Gone And Left Me
A Fashion Production
Recorded & Mixed at the New A. Class Studio
Rhythms: A-Class Crew

FADLP 014 Glen Brown Plays Music From The East
Tracks: Detrimental Music / A-Class Vibe / South East Music / Return To Roots / The Ache // Streets In Africa / Roots & Culture / No Apology / Sharpeville Stepper / Shaka Special
Recorded and mixed at the A-Class Studio by Gussie P. & Chris Lane
All rhythms by the A-Class Crew

FADLP 015 Phillip Leo - Lover Of Music
Fine Style label
Tracks: Missing You / Stop Fooling Around / Don't Give Up The Faith / Madamoiselle / Girl Of My Dreams // Lover Of Music / We Belong Together (wirh Marie Dawn) / Let Me Take You Home Tonight / Rocking The Night Away / Natural Feeling
Another Fashion Production

FADLP 016 Barry Boom - The Living Boom
Fine Style label
Tracks: Making Love / Gonna Be A Winner / Falling In Love / It's Gonna Be Too Late / Jack's Blues // My Love / No. 1 Girl / I Will Understand / Hurry Over / Troubled World
Jointly produced by Paul Robinson for Private Party Productions, Gussie P. and Fashion
Recorded and Mixed by Gussie P. and Chris Lane at A-Class Studio

FADLP 017 Various Artists - Raw Groove


FADLP 019 Various Artists - Funky Punany

FADLP 020 Cutty Ranks - The Stopper
Tracks: The Stopper / The Cutter / Pon Pause / Mi Aim / Hand Grenade / Original Rude Boy Style / One Day Badness / The Loving Moom (Barry Boom)

FADLP 021 Various Artists - Ragga Clash
Tracks: Sweetest Ting In Life (Gospel Fish) / Played By This Ya Sound Alone (Bunny General) / The Builder (Cutty Ranks) / My Sound Stands Alone (King Kong) / My Sound (Wayne Fire) / Rude Boy Soldier (Tony Rebel) / Rude (Nardo Ranks) / The Stepper (Apache Scratchie) / Da Gun A Run So Wild (King Kong) / Too Much Gun Talk (Gospel Fish)
Recorded at Penthouse, A Class
Mixed by Gussie P, Chris Lane
Mixed at A Class

FADLP 022 Various Artists - Ragga Clash Vol. 2

FADLP 023 Nerious Joseph - Guidance
Tracks: Sun Is Shining / Morning Will Come / Babylon Trap Them / Jah Is The Artical One / Words Of Wisdom / Distant Lover / Live It Up / Guidance / One Collie Bud / Rock Steady Time
Recorded at A Class
Engineer: Gussie P, Chris Lane

FADLP 024 General Levy - The Wickeder General
Tracks: Wickeder General / Heat / Tight Like A Vice / Guidance / Breeze (With Zuruchi) // Sneeze / Incredible General / Monkey Man (With Junior Dunn) / Grudge Me / The Wig
Recorded, voiced and mixed at: The A-Class Studio by Gussie P, Chris Lane and 'Frenchie'

FADLP 025 Frankie Paul - F.P. The Greatest
Tracks: Cool Yah / Rude Boy Dip / Kissing Game / When I'm With You / I've Got To Find You / Me And You / Extra Clip / F.P. The Greatest / Let's Chill
Produced by Fashion
Recorded at A Class, Penthouse
Mixed at A Class
Engineered by Gussie P, Chris Lane

FADLP 026 Various Artists - Heat
Tracks: Wig (General Levy) / Gone Pon Price (Major Cat) / Come And Talk To Me (Singing Melody) / Gallist (Top Cat) / It's Not Unusual (Winsome) / Ram The Punny (Poison Chang) / Gal A U Mate (General TK) / Starting Something (Mike Anthony) / Going On Bad (General Pecus) / Pose Up (Tenor Fly)
Produced by Fashion
Recorded at A Class, Black Scorpio
Engineered by Gussie P, Chris Lane, Frenchy

FADLP 027 Poison Chang & Top Cat - JA To UK M.C. Clash Vol. 3
Tracks: Love The Woman (Poison Chang) / Sess A Wah Yu Want (Top Cat) / Armstrong (Poison Chang) / Drunken Master (Top Cat) / Over You Body (Poison Chang) / Stamina (Top Cat) / Shot Fe Bus (Poison Chang) / Ruffest Gun Ark (Top Cat) / Weh Yu Batty Deh (Poison Chang) / Bunn The Sensi (Top Cat)
Produced by Fashion
Recorded at A Class
Mixed at A Class
Engineered by Gussie P, Chris Lane, Frenchy

FADLP 028 Various - Fever Pitch
Tracks: Limb By Limb (Cutty Ranks) / Champagne Body (General Levy) / I Will Always Love You (Janet Lee Davis) / From You Look Good (Gospel Fish) / Shot A Batty Boy (Top Cat) // Full Up A Class (Bunny General) / My Girl (Nerious Joseph & Tenor Fly) / Nah Plant Seed (Gospel Fish) / Mi A De Doctor (Tumpa Lion) / Rich Girl (Louchie Lou & Michie One)
Fashion production
Recorded at Penthouse & A-Class by Gussie P, Chris Lane & Frenchie
Rhythms by Sly, Robbie & Leroy Mafia

FADLP 029 Various - Ragga Clash Volume 3 60's Meets 90's
Tracks: Request The Style (Top Cat) / Look Hot (General Pecos) / Explosion (Major Cat) / As You See It (Cutty Ranks) / God Head (Poison Chang) // What Can You Do (Cutty Ranks) / Run Come Call Me (Bunny General) / Rude Boy Talk (Tenor Fly) / Don't Put Me Off (Chevelle Franklin) / I'm Strong (Poison Chang)
Another Fashion Production
Voiced, Recorded & Mixed at Penthouse, Black Scorpio, A Class by Gussie P, Chris Lane & Frenchy

FADLP 030 Janet Lee Davis - Missing You
Tracks: Baby I've Been Missing You / Girl On The Side / Your Sweet Love / She's Got Papers / Do You Remember / We Can Work It Out (with Peter Hunnigale) / Ooh Baby Baby / Big Mistake / Who's That Girl / Love Me Boy
Recorded at A Class, Penthouse
Engineered by Chris Lane, Gussie P, Frenchy

FADLP 031 Various Artists - Ragga Clash Vol. 4

FADLP 032 Various Artists - Not Just Ragga Vol. 1
Tracks: So Real (Sanchez) / Thinking About You (John McLean) / Spare Me (Wayne Wonder) / Rebel Woman (Vivian Jones) / Do You Remember (Janet Lee Davis) / Guess I Know The Reason Why (Barry Boom) / Perfect Lady (Peter Hunnigale) / Jungle Bungle (Starkey Banton) / Runway Mr. Tickle (General Degree) / Beaten (Nico Junior & Janet Lee Davis) / Hyper (Sweetie Irie) / One More Request (Lt Stitchie & Papa San) / Gone Down Inna Mi Culture (General Levy) / Dedicated To His Majesty (Vivian Jones & Nico Junior)

FADLP 033 Various Artists - Lovers Fashion
Tracks: Let's Dub It Up (Dee Sharp) / Am I The Same Girl (Winsome) / Love The Way It Should Be (Pat Kelly) / Play It Cool (Alton Ellis) / Carlton's Mood For Love (Carlton And The Shoes) / Politition (Junior Delgado) / Sweet Soul Rocking (Carlton Lewis) /Magic Feeling (Michael Gordon) / Try My Love (Al Campbell) / Let's Get Married (Delroy Wilson) / Try Love Again (Keith Douglas) /Not A One Night Stand (Nerious Joseph) / It's Too Late (Jackie) / Long Time Me Call You (Junior Brown)

FADLP 034 Various Artists - Lovers Fashion Vol. 2
Tracks: Making Love (Barry Boom) / Homebreaker (Winsome) / Feeling Of Love (Michael Gordon) / It's A Shame (Delroy Wilson) / Really Got To Get You (Al Campbell) / Yesterday's Magic (Peter Spence) / I Specialize In Good Girls (Keith Douglas) / Rocking The Night Away (Phillip Leo) / Two Timing Lover (Janet Lee Davis) / Daydreaming (Junior Delgado) / Yu're My Special Lady (Nerious Joseph) / I'll Get Over It (Aston Esson) / Mrs. Brown (Horace Andy) / True Loving (Alton Ellis)

FADCD 035 Various Artists - Cultural Fashion
Tracks: Thanks & Praises (Peter Hunnigale) / Know Jah (Freddie McGregor) / Roots & Culture (General Levy) / Psalm 121 (Vivian Jones) / Mercy Street (Jah Mali) / Tired Fe Live In Babylon (Starky Banton) / I Love King Selassie (Mykal Roze) / Rise Black Man (Alton Ellis) / In Thee Oh Lord (The Prayer) (Nico Junior) / Babylon System (Neville Morrison) / Jah Jah You're My Guiding Star (Debbie Gordon) / Rock My Soul (Jah Mali) / Praise Him (Mykal Roze) / Prophecy Revealing (Donna-V) / The Shepherd (Sweetie Irie)
Fashion Production
Recorded at A-Class & Studio 2000 by Chris, Frenchy & Freckles


FABLP 001 Various Artists - Ragga Mania
Tracks: Ragga Ragga (General Levy) / Request The Style (Top Cat) / Baby I've Been Missing You (Janet-Lee Davis & Tippa Irie) / Splurt (Ricky General) / Slim Body Girl (Sweetie Irie) / Wha Dem A Watch We For? (Cutty Ranks & General Levy) / Bright Side Of Life (Tenor Fly) / Why Do Fools Fall In Love (C.J. Lewis & Phillip Leo) / Leave Your Man Alone (Red Dragon) / Groovin' (Jack Radics) / Rub Up Push Up (Joseph Cotton) / My Girl (Nerious Joseph & Tenor Fly)

FABLP 002 Starkey Banton Meets The Dub Organiser - Powers Youth


RUBLP 001 Various - Rubble Dub M.C.'s Choice
Tracks: In like Flintstone / Theme From Bedrock / Rocky Music / Boulder move / Great Stone // Young Rubble / Concrete Jungle Overcoat / O.K. Fred / Dub Slate / Donald Quarry
Mixed by Gussie Prento at A-Class Dub Studio 


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