FL-001 Rick Corin - Open The Gate Of Zion
Produced by Shep.Richie & Winston
Recorded at Eagle Sound, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11235

F-007 Winston Jones - Love Has No Pride


F 1003 Millie & Winston Jones - You Make Me Cry // Stop Baby

F 1005 Leroy Housen - I Just Dig A Little Each Day // Dub Version
Prod & Arranged By W. Jones

F 1008 Winston Jones - Message From Maria

F-2003 Nairobi Sisters - There's Always Some Thing There To Remind Me
Produced by W. Jones

F-2005 Dawn Love - Watering
Prod. by S. Walry & W. Jones

F-4000 Ranking Trevor - Back Whe Baldhead / Version
Prod. by W. Jones

F-7000 Winston Jones /Rough Rider - My Special Prayer

F-7001 Dennis Alcapone - Dread Skank // Dub Version
Prod. by W. Jones

F-7003 Delroy Wilson - You Must Believe Me
Prod. by Shelly & W. Jones

F-8002 Delroy Wilson - In The Little Village
Prod. by D. Alcapone W. Jones

F-9003 Dennis Brown - Whip Them Jah Jah // Version
Prod. by W. Jones & Ossie

F-9009 Channel 1 All Star - Kissinger
Prod. by W. Jones & Ossie

F-9448 Skin Flesh & Bones - Don't Call Me nigger


Last update on 15 May, 2012