Former address Grounation
c/o Vulcan Records, 49-53 Harrow Road, London W2, England


GROL 501 Delroy Wilson - For I And I
Tracks: Get Ready / You Must Believe Me / I Need Some Help / Love Uprising / He Don't Love You / You Don't Love Me // Miss Grace / Never Give Up / Rocking Chair / Why Did You Leave Me / You Gonna Need Me / This Is A Letter (To Mummy & Daddy)
Produced by Bunny Lee
All songs arranged by Tubby
Mixed at King Tubbys alias Osbourne Ruddock, 18 Drummalie Ave Kgn 11
Backed by The Aggrovators

GROL 502 King Tubby - The Roots Of Dub
Tracks: Natty Dub / Dub Magnificent / A First Class Dub / The Stepping Dub / Rude Boy Dub / A Closer Dub // Roots Of Dub / Dub You Can Feel / Loving Dub / The Immortal Dub / Dreadlocks Dub / Rocking Dub
Produced by Bunny Lee
Mixed at & by King Tubby
Backed by Agrovators Band

GROL 503 Cornell Campbell - Dance In A Greenwich Farm
Tracks: Girl of my Dreams / I've Got To Keep On Running / No Good Girl / Somebody Has Stolen My Girl / Why Did You Leave Me / Watch This Sound // Natural Facts / Lost In A Dream / King Of Hearts / The Sun / Dance In A Greenwich Farm / Conquering Gorgon
Produced by Bunny Lee
Mixed at King Tubbys alias Osbourne Ruddock, 18 Drummalie Ave, Kgn 11
Backed by Agrovators

GROL 504 I Roy - Truths & Rights
Tracks: Natty Down De / Dread In The West / Message From The Top / Toutin I Self / No Turn Them Back // Every Mouth Must Be Fed / Medley Mood / Straight To The Heathen Head / Teapot / Double Warning
Produced by Pete Weston

GROL 505 Ras Michael And The Sons Of Negus - Rastafari
Tracks: None A Jah Jah Children / Birds In The Tree Top / Truth And Right / On Broadway / Glory Dawn // Mr Brown / Sufferation / It Is No Secret / Give Love
Produced by Ras Michael
Arranged by Ras Michael & Tommy Cowan
Recorded at Dynamic Sound Studio
Recording Engineer: Niel Case

GROL 506 The Twinkle Brothers - Rasta Pon Top
Tracks: Give Rasta Praise / Natty Dread Up Town / Jah-Jah Gonna Get You / Barabas / Rasta Pon Top // Beat Them Jah-Jah / African Liberation / Different Kind A World / Big Bam Bam / It Gwine Dreada
Produced by Norman Grant
Recorded at Channel 1 Recording Studio, KGN, JA
Engineer: Ernest Hookim, Jah Ossie
Mixed at Channel 1 Recording Studio

GROL 507 The Aggrovators - Rasta Dub '76
Tracks: None Shall Escape Dub / Fatty Boom Boom Dub / Dread Locks Bald Head Dub / Two Face Rasta Dub / Tradition Dub / Take My Hand Dub // Hold On Dub / Ja Ja In De Dub / Ites Gold Green Dub / No Woman No Cry Dub / Small Axe Dub / If You Should Loose Me Dub
Produced by Bunny Lee
Mixed at King Tubby's Studio By Phillip Smart (Courtesy Of Micron Records)
Backed by Agrovators

GROL 508 Joe Higgs - Life Of Contradiction
Tracks: Come On Home / Got To Make A Way / Wake Up And Live / Life Of Contradiction / Who Brought Down The Curtains // Theres A Reward / Hard Times Don't Bother Me / My Baby Still Loves Me / She Was The One / Song My Enemy Sings
Produced by Joe Higgs

GROL 509 Various - Rass Claat Dub
Tracks: Fantasy Rock (Roots Music) / Talking Dub (Talking Blues) / Too Much Imitator / Jahs Glory (None A Jah Jah Children) / Jailhouse (Let I Go) / Moses Was A Dreadlocks // KCALB (Blackstar Liner) / Natty Dub The Barber / Yu Belly Full (Fish Tea) / The Road Is Rough / The Emperor Is Dead (False Rumour) / I Am Gonna Rock You (Dip And Fall Back)
Produced by Tommy Cowan & others


GROL 510? Tommy McCook - Horny Dub
Never officially released - white label only
Produced by Glen Brown


GROL 50? Ras Michael And The Sons Of Negus - Rastafari In Dub
Tracks: Jah Jah Children / Dubs Of Thunder / Truth And Rights / Zion Rock / Hallelujah Dub // Birds And All / Jah Bomb Dub / Lightning Flash / Wicked Dub Out / Nyah Amn Dub
Produced by Tommy Cowan
Mixed by Mervyn

GROL 50? Count Ossie - Naration


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