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HALP 001 The Revolutionaries - Dread At The Controls
Tracks: Double Bubble / Michael Campbell Theme / The Meek Dub / Mixed Up Stuff // Bad Company // Dread At The Controls / Loving Sounds (on sleeve, Official Credentials on label) / Hot Steppers / Midnight Clappers / Golden Locks
Produced by Augustus Clarke

HLP 002 Joy White - Sentimental Reasons
Tracks: Love Is All I Had / Sentimental Reasons / First Cut / Jealous Woman / It Has Come To My Attention / Dread Out Deh / If You Runaway / I'm In The Mood For Love / Silent River / Love Is A Message
Produced D Germain

HLD 003 Al Campbell - Rainy Days
Tracks: Give The People / Words Of Wisdom / You've Got Soul / Don't Cry / Rainy Days / I Want You Around / Never Let You Down / When Spring is Around / My Whole World

HLP 004 Dean Frazer - A Touch Of Dean
Tracks: Best Of Both Worlds / Crucial Horns / 1394 St. Johns Place / Bionic Sax / A Touch Of Dean / Moray Bay Rebellion / Your Choice / Tribute To Marcus / Six Million Dollar Sax / Cudjoe
Produced by D. Germain

HLP 005

HLP 006

HLP 007 Desi Roots - Doing It Right
Tracks: Weed Fields / He Ain't Coming / Up Town Rebel / Go Deh Right / Black Justice // Nature Boy / Hung Up / Once Again / All The Way / Close The Door
Arranged & Produced by R. Forbes-Allen & Desi Roots
Executive Producer: R. Forbes-Allen for Hawkeye Records
Recorded at Channel One, Joe Gibbs & Harry J's Studios, Kingston, Jamaica
Mixed & Re-mixed at Channel One Studios, Kingston, Jamaica
Engineered by 'Crucial' Bunny Graham

HLP 008 Scientist V Crucial Bunny - Dub Duel
Tracks: Lethal Stepper / Crucial Movements / Ernie's Request / "Bunny" On Top / No Animosity (all: Crucial Bunny) // Jeramiah's Special / Chemical Change / Lab Explosion / Burn Them / Unassailable Lead / Take The Fight (all: Scientist)
Produced by R. Forbes-Allen for Hawkeye Records
Executive Engineers: Crucial Bunny (mixed at Tuff Gong Studios, Hope Road, Kingston, Jamaica), Scientist (mixed at Channel One Studio)
Recorded at Dynamic Studio's, Kingston Jamaica and Channel One Studio's, Kingston, Jamaica
Recording engineers: Noel Hearne, Bunny Graham, Franlyn Waul

HLP 009 Desi Roots - Children In Exile
Tracks: Skin Up / Ravin / Borrowing / Refused To Live In Hate // Children In Exile / Youth Attack / Changing (Disco) / I Don't Wanna Be Wrong
Producer: R. Forbes-Allen & D. Roots for Hawkeye Productions
Recorded at Dynamic Studios, Kingston Jamaica
Mixed & Remixed at Dynamic Studios
Engineer: Noel Hearne
Mixing Engineers: N. Hearne, D. Frazer & F. Waul

HLP 010 Ruddy Thomas - When I've Got You
Tracks: When I've Got You / We Need Love / Loving You Is Mellow / Back To Paradise / Nice And Easy // Key To The World / Dedicated To You / Take It / Just One Moment Away / Walking Up A One Way Street
Produced by Roy Forbes Allen
Recorded at Dynamic

HLP 011 Yellowman Live At Killamanjaro
Tracks: Society Party / Know Me Country / Singing Fashion / Whey The Girly Dem Like / Ribit Me Hand / Sensemilla / Join The Army / Noah Build The Ark / Declaration Of Rigths // Gregory Free / Strictly Bubbling / Badness A Madness / Bubble Pon Me Line / Water Pumpee / Man Smart, Woman Smarter / Hill And Gully Ride / Quidel / Youthman
Produced by Augustus 'Gussie' Clark for Music Works & Tapes

HLP 012 Cocoa Tea And Tenor Saw - Clash
Tracks: Just Love My Woman (Tenor Saw) / Woman Dub / No Working On Sunday (Tenor Saw) / Sunday Dub / Run From Progress (Tenor Saw) / Progress Dub // Nah Give Up (Coco Tea) / You And I (Coco Tea) / I And I Dub / My Time (Coco Tea) / Time Dub
Produced by Whitfield (Witty) Henry for Field Marshall Music
Backed by The A Team and The Roots Radics Band

HLP 013 Tony Tuff - Ketch A Fire
Tracks: Kick Up Rumpus / What Is This / Worries And Problem / Walk and Talk // Ketch A Fire / Shock Out / Just Cool / Watch Out
Produced by Whitfield "Witty" Henry
Recorded at Harry J Recording Studio, Kingston, Jamaica
Engineers: Sylvan Morris and Django
Mixed at Tuff Gong and Harry J

HLP 014 Various Artists - Lively Body Vol. 1
Tracks: Funky Smelling Man (Shelly Thunder) / Hot Country Gal (King Everald) / Come A Daddy (Peter Metro) / That Girl (Teddy Brown) // Catch A Fire (Tony Tuff) / Ugly Gal (Nickademus) / Donkey Rider (Squidley Ranking) / Lively Melody (Tony Asher)
Produced by Witty Henry for Field Master Music, 817 Utica Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
Recorded at Harry J Recoding Studio
Mixing engineers: Sylvan Morris, Oswald "Trunny" Palmer

HLP 015 Shelley Thunder - Small Horsewoman
Tracks: Small Hore Woman / A Girl Is A Girl / New Ruler / Labba Labba // 85 Version / Take The Money / To We / Farmer Man
Produced by Whitfield 'Witty' Henry
Arranged by T. Asher
Recorded at Harry J. Recording Studio
Mixing Engineers: Sylvan Morris, Oswald 'Trunny' Power

HLP 016 Nicodemus - Mr. Fabulous
Tracks: Mr. Fabulous / Computer, Knife And Fork / Keeping A Dance / Ugly Gal // PT 109 / Ease Freeze / Strawberry Fields / Fantastic
Produced by Whitfield "Witty" Henry
Recorded at Aquarius Studio, Kingston, Jamaica W.I., Harry J. Studio, Kingston, Jamaica W.I., Phillip Smart Studio, L.I. New York
Recording engineers: Sylvan Morris, Djungo, Phillip Smart, Chris
Mixed at Harry J. Studio, Aquarius Studio
Mixing engineers: Sylvan Morris, Chris, Oswal "Trunny" Palmer, Witty

HLP 017 George Faith - Sings For Lovers Only
Tracks:  Need To Belong To Someone / Look Though Your Window / I Want To Be With You / Diana / Its Been A Long Time / I Won't Cry / Confidential / The Vow / Wide Awake In A Dream 
Produced by Yvonne Bennett & Kippling Thomas

HLP 018 Various Artists - The Score Of Love
Tracks: You And I (Brian & Tony Gold) / I Loved A Stranger (Colin Roach) / Uptight (Cocoa Tea) / Dean's Score (Dean Frazer) / Do Your Thing (Horace Andy) // Mr. Medley (Sanchez) / Is It Love Or Magic (Anthony Malvo) / I'm A Man In Love (Al Campbell) / Love Is A Dangerous Game (Thriller U) / I Know The Score (Frankie Paul)
Produced by Trevor James
Recorded at King Jammys Studio Kingston Jamaica
Musicians: Steelie & Cleevie & Fire House Crew


HLP ??? Shinehead - Rough And Rugged


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