Record labels with music from Surinam and Netherlands Antilles

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    Afitiso 12"s
    AJ 12"s
    Alfaisi 12"s
Ali's Records albums Ali Records 7"s  
Alidi albums    
    Alp 12"s
  Antillano 7"s  
  Ashok Records 7"s Ashok Records 12"s
    ASO 12"s
Atardi albums    
Bakadjari Productions albums   Bakadjari Production 12"s
    Bally Productions 12"s
BASF albums    
    B.D.S. Records 12"s
BESS Records albums   BESS Records 12"s
    Black Music 12"s
Blue Elephant albums Blue Elephant 7"s  
  Bluegrass 7"s  
    Blue Seven Records 12"s
  Bosnie 7"s  
  Bovema Negram 7"s  
  Brown Records 7"s  
  BS 7"s BS 12"s
    CAR Records 12"s
  Caribia 7"s  
  Carray Records 7"s  
CB Records albums   CB Records 12"s
    Celino's Records 12"s
    Century Music 12"s
    CJR Records 12's
CLP albums    
CNR albums CNR 7"s  
    Conjunto Casino 12"s
Cosmo Records albums   Cosmo Records 12"s
CVLP albums    
Delta albums Delta 7"s  
  Devri 7"s  
  Didi 7"s  
Disco Amigo albums Disco Amigo 7"s Disco Amigo 12"s
  Disco Special 7"s  
Doble R S.S.S. albums   Doble R S.S.S. 12"s
    Doesi 12"s
Doglau Records albums   Doglau Records 12"s
    Dondru 12"s
Dureco Benelux albums Dureco Benelux 7"s Dureco Benelux 12"s
Dynatone albums Dynatone 7"s  
    Editoryal Antiyano 12"s
  Elf Provincien 7"s  
    ELP 12"s
EMI albums EMI 7"s  
EMIGOLD albums    
Erma albums Erma 7"s  
Ewald Kuils Promotions    
    Exmo 12"s
  Explosion 7"s  
FAC Records albums   FAC Records 12"s
Facbess Records albums    
Fajalobie albums Fajalobie 7"s  
Fendal Caribbean albums Fendal Caribbean 7"s Fendal Caribbean 12"s
  Fens Records 7"s  
Fisureco albums   Fisureco 12"s
  Flevo 7"s  
FLP albums FS 7"s FLP 12"s
  Fred Records 7"s  
    FRS 12"s
    Fun 12"s
Funny Records albums Funny Records 7"s Funny Records 12"s
Gemini albums Gemini Records 7"s Gemini Records 12"s
    Glorie v.d. Have 12"s
  GP Records 7"s  
Grabaciones Dinamico albums    
Grabaciones Especial albums Grabaciones Especial 7"s  
Grabaciones Salsa albums    
Grabashon Special albums    
    Grove Music 12"s
Green Onyx albums Green Onyx 7"s  
Grupo Era albums    
  H & D Records 7"s  
    Hedu Records 12"s
  Hippo's Records  
Hoyco albums    
Imperial albums Imperial 7"s  
Isireco Records albums    
  Jessica Records 7"s Jessica Records 12"s
    JH 12"s
    Jordy Production 12"s
Jorge Llanos Produciones Albums    
Jupiter Records Albums Jupiter 7"s  
    Kaseko Sound 12"s
    Kaska Records 12"s
    Kasseko 12"s
  Keesie's Records 7"s  
  Kenzo Productions 7"s  
Killroy Parade albums    
  Kobes Records 7"s  
    Koejake 12"s
    Kosoe Records 12"s
Kotomissie Records albums    
Kwakoe Records albums Kwakoe 7"s  
    K.W.A.O.E. Record 12"s
    L 12"s
    Lady Roots 12"s
    Lama Production 12"s
Lappie Productions albums   Lappie Productions 12"s
  Lark 7"s  
    LAT 12"s
    LB 12"s
  Lecram Records 7"s  
    Lee-On 12"s
  Lewa Records 7"s  
  Litani Records 7"s  
    LLP 12"s
  Loverstyle 7"s  
Masia albums    
Maksi Records albums Maksie Records 7"s  
Mambi albums    
  Margo & Kenneth 7"s  
    Masra Jantje 12"s
    Master Records 12"s
  Matahari 7"s  
  Max 7"s  
    Max's Label 12"s
    Maxie 12"s
Meo Records albums Meo Records 7"s  
  MFP Records 7"s MFP Records 12"s
Miami Records albums    
    MM 12"s
  MMP 7"s  
    Mofato 12"s
    MS 12"s
    Musicmaker 12"s
    MW 12"s
Myrza Records albums   Myrza Records 12"s
  Naks 7"s  
    Njoen Libi 12"s
NR albums   NR 12"s
Olala albums    
Omega International albums    
    OMS 12"s
Opo albums Opo 7"s  
Orpo albums Orpo Records 7"s  
    OSO Records 12"s
    Pablo Records 12"s
  PAET 7"s  
    Pavano Records 12"s
Perfecta Records albums    
Philips albums Philips 7"s  
    PI 12"s
    Pico Production 12"s
    PL 12"s
Pinienta albums    
  Poeder Records 7"s  
Pokoe albums Pokoe 7"s Pokoe 12"s
  Provosoe Corporation 7"s  
Prucia albums    
  RCS 7"s  
    Re 12"s
    REM 12"s
Remco Production albums    
    Rena Records 12"s
RG albums    
    RLP 12"s
    Royal Solid Gold Series 12"s
RR albums    
  Sabieso Records 7"s Sabieso Records 12"s
    S.A.F.E. Records 12"s
  Sammy's Place 7"s  
    Seagull Productions 12"s
    Sekie Skin 12"s
    Sekisi Masinie 12"s
SH Records albums    
    S.J.B. 12"s
SMA Records albums   SMA Records 12"s
    Soe-Roe-Wé 12"s
  Sopiang Records 7"s  
    Soso Lobie 12"s
    Sound & Design 12"s
Spalco albums    
Sr. Jourdain albums    
    S.S. Records 12"s
  Stan Pico Records 7"s  
    Starlet 12"s
    Strak 12"s
    SUK 12"s
  Sumy Records 7"s  
Sun Shine Rhythm albums    
Suriname Records albums    
Suripop albums    
  Sur Jones 7"s  
    Tamara Records 12"s
TBA albums   TBA 12"s
  TBS 7"s  
  TCS 7"s  
    Teddy's Records 12"s
  The Carifa 7"s  
    Thelma Sound Records 12"s
Tipico Santa Rosa albums    
    Tjampuran Records 12"s
    Tjonna Records 12"s
TRA albums TRA 7"s TRA 12"s
Tropical Records albums Tropical Records 7"s  
  Tropical Sound 7"s  
    Tumak Humak 12"s
Uncle albums Uncle 7"s  
Unice Records albums Unice Records 7"s Unice Records 12"s
    Unico Glorie 12"s
  Ventu 7"s  
Virmar albums Virmar 7"s  
    Vloot 1 12"s
    VMS 12"s
VR albums VR 7"s VR 12"s
  WP 7"s  
    Yakki Famirie 12"s

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