Former address John Dread Productions:
45 Tudor Road, Unit 02, Hackney, London E9 7SN, England


JDP 001 Various Artiste Vol 1 - Jamaica Affair
Tracks: Na Beg Na Bow (C. Richards (Pinchers) / Them A Rip And Run Off (R. Johnson (Reverent) / Hypocritical Mind (C. Richards (Pinchers) / Dance To The Rhythm (R. Johnson (Reverent) Harmony Pinchers) // Grammy Award (R. Johnson Harmony Pinchers) /Me Love Me Like Enjoyment (C. Richards) / Come Trod With Me (Reverent Dread I) / New Rude Boy (Junior Brammer (Trinity)
Produced by: Phylip Richards for John Dread Publishing Productions Ltd
Recorded at: Dynamic Sound
Engineered by: Mikey Riley
Mixed by: Mikey Riley, Willie Lindo

JDP 002 Winston Fergus - I Will Sing

JDPL 003 Junior Brammer - Telephone Line
Tracks: Let Me Love You / Want To Go Home / Telephone Line / Freedom / Fool Fight // I Can't Stand The Pain / I Need Your Loving / Come To Me / Dread Special / Mus Mus Tail
Produced by Philip Richards, J. Dread
Executive Producer: Phylip Richards for Hands and Heart Co-op
Recorded at Dynamic Studio, Jamaica, WI
Voice & Mixed at Easy Street Studio, UK
Mixed by Joe 'Ninty' Richards
Engineers: Mickey Riley, Willie Lindo, Joe 'Ninty' Richards

JDPL 004 Various Artiste Vol. 2 - Jamaica Affair
Tracks: Town Called Allice (Winston Fergus) / Kingdom Rise & Kingdom Fall (Lion Heart) / Riot (Al Campbell) / Bad Bad Feelings (Mickey Merican) / See The Hypocrite (Roland Burrel) // Banners In The Sky (Lion Heart) / Her Love Is Real (Robert Emanuel) / I Can't Stop Loving You (Al Campbell) / Reggae Got Soul (Winston Fergus) / Don't Drive Drunk (Lash La-Rou)
Produced by Keith Gorgon Wignall, Phylip Richards
Recorded at Dynamic Studio & Creative studio (Kingston JA), Easy Street studio (UK)

JDLP 005 Various Artists - Reggae Regulars
Tracks: Leave It To Me (Frankie Paul) / Our Day Will Come (Gregory Isaacs) / I'd Be Lost Without You (Dennis Brown) / Forgot To Say I Love You (John Holt) / You Bring Me Happiness (Johnny Clark) / Moving Away (Ken Boothe) / Rainy Night In Georgia (John Holt) / Memories (Sugar Minott) / Love Me For Ever (Dennis Brown) / :No Man Is An Island (Al Campbell) / Waddada (Jackie Edwards) / Girl Of My Dreams (Cornell Campbell) / Wreck My Life (Gregory Isaacs) / Money Money (Horace Andy) / Some Day (Delroy Wilson) / The Violet (Slim Smith)
Produced By Bunny Lee

JDPL 006 Various Artiste - Jamaica Affair Vol. 3
Tracks: Bad Jamma (Mikey Mercian) / Take Me Back Home (King Kong) / Nothing For Nothing (Big Youth) / Can't Live A England (Big Youth) / Further East (Lion Heart) // Eva (Everadis) / Social Friend (E. Palmer) / Family Affair (Mickey Mercian) / Trouble On The Road (Big Youth) / Free Nelson Mandela (Glen Dacosta)
Produced by P. Richardsm Bunny "Striker" Lee, P. Manhurtz
Executive Producer: P. Richards
Recording Studio: Easy St, Opaz
Engineers: Joe Ninty, Ray, Paul Chambers


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