KULP 100 Judy Boucher - Tears On My Pillow
Tracks: Tears On My Pillow / She's Got You / Loving Arms / Am I That Easy To Forget / I'm Gonna Stay / There Are More Questions Than Answers / I Fall To Pieces / Some Broken Hearts Never Mend / She'll Have To Go / Make The World Go Away / Sweet Dreams / Beneath Still Waters

KU 106 Judy Boucher - Devoted To You
Tracks:  Brown Eyes Blue / To You I Send My Love / Turn Around / Party Love Affair / It's Too Late
Produced by Lindel Lewis

KULP 109 Various - Battle Of The Sexes Vol. 1
Tracks: I'll Be Around (Derede Williams & Viscount Oliver) / Girl You Make Me Feel So Good (Profile) / You Might Need Somebody (Bridie Stewart) / My Cherie' Amour (Gilroy Siddens) / Do Me Baby (Derede Williams) / Gonna Have To Let You Go (Sandstorm) // Without You (Breeze James) / Taking Ther Early Train (Rocky Campell & Bridie Stewart) / Love Is A Two Way Thing (Sandstorm) / S.o.s. (S.u.s.) / Tonight Is The Night (Breeze James) / How Can You Say It's Over (Gilroy Siddens)
Produced by Lindel Lewis for PPD Productions
Recorded at Mark Angelo Recording Studio, Easy Street Recording Studio and PPD Productions Suite
Mixed at Mark Angelo Recording Studio and PPD Productions Suite by Lindel (The Gentle Giant) Lewis

KUFLP 113 Judy Boucher - Take Me As I Am
Tracks: Stick Around / I'll Trade Yesterday / Want You Coming Home Again / Help Me Make It Through The Night / I Can't Stop Loving You / Everybody's Talking 'Bout The Good Thing / "You" / You've Lost A Good Thing / So Hynoptised / Come To Me Whenever You Get Lonely / You're Just What I've Been Looking For / Make Your Choice / Apologise


Last update on 1 April, 2012