Former address Lord Koos Records
7 Fortunegate Road, Harlesden, London NW10, England


KLP 1 Slim Smith - The Memory Of Slim Smith
Tracks: Get With It (Slim Smith & The Frog, actually Andel Forgie & Bolivar) / Groove With It (Leroy Palmer) / Bad Lamp (Dennis Peart) / You Surely Must Know (Actually You're My Everything) (Slim Smith) / Stay (Slim Smith) / If I Could Make My Dreams Come True (Slim Smith, actually with unidentified male vocalist) // Turning Point (Actually Life Keeps Turning) (Slim Smith & Williams) / You're My Everything (Slim Smith) / Hold On I'm Coming (Version 2) (Owen Gray & Harvey) / Sincerely (Version 2) (Owen Gray & Harvey) / Milk & Honey (Mike Elliot) / You Say You Love Me More And More (Gene Rondo)

KLP 2 Various Artists - Have A Grand Time
Tracks: Have A Grand Time (The Africans) / Never Give Up (D. Wilson) / Tell Me Why (Carl Dawkins) (actually by unidentified male vocalist) / Many Rivers To Cross (J. Cliff) (actually by Keelyn Beckford) / No Potion A Gal (Keith Morgan) (actually Sang Hugh) / Love Won't Come Easy (Heptones) // Sunshine Girl (John Lloyd And D. Booth) / Man A Warrior (Toper Zukie) / Cherry Pie (Koos All Stars) (actually by unidentified artist) / Never Give Up (Version) (D. Wilson) / Bring The Catch (Upsetters) (actually by Augustus Pablo) / Ain't Got No Love (M. Wellington & K. Beckford)
Produced by Bunny Lee and Lord Koos

KLP 3 Various Artists - Send Request
Tracks: Lip And Tongue (Voice Roy) / Never Give Up (Voice Roy) / Send Request (Voice Roy) / Trying To Keep Me Down (Errol Dunkley) / Family War (Mehenian Reid) / That's Life (Ken The DJ) // One And Only Lover (Junior English) / Girl You Lie (Jackie Brown) / Where Bombo Lives (Strange Cole And Hortenns Ellis) / Stick By Me (actually I'll Be There) (John Holt And Dennis Alcapone) / Blessed Are The Meek (Slim Smith And Dennis Alcapone) / Heart Of Stone (actual What A Botheration (Lord Tanamo (actually by Lee Perry And The Upsetters)
Produced by Derrick Morgan, Bunny Lee, Lee Perry

KLP 4 John Holt - Don't Break Your Promise
Tracks: I've Been Admiring You / Don't Give Up The Fight / When I Was A Boy At The Age Of Three / Lonely Boy / Ec Tocy // I Had A Talk With My Woman / My Pride On Joy / Tell Me Why / Just Out Of Reach / Don't Break You Promise To Me
Produced by Bunny Lee and Lord Koos Records
Moog Synthesizer Arrangement by Ken Elliot
Recorded at King Tubby’s Studio, 18 Drummelly Avenue, Kingston 11, Jamaica


KLP 1 Ranking Superstar - Repatriation Time
Canadian release
Tracks: Repatriation Time / Lovers Rock / Red And Dread / Dreadlocks Affair / Peacefull Natty Dread // Rastafari Calling / Matilda / Just Because / Jah Lights


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