Former address Magnet Records
19 Rectory Road, London N16, England


MAG 001 Dennis Alcapone - King Of The Track
Tracks: King Of The Track / Girl Of My Dream / Here I Come / Don't Rush It / Memory Lane / Two Of A Kind // Lorna Banana / Jamaica Way / Freedom Scank / Musical Message / Musical Liquidator / Cassius Clay
Produced by Bunny Lee

MGT 001 Various Artists - Reggae Desire
Tracks: Pretty Blue Eyes (Gene Rondo) / This Is Love (Gene Rondo) / Magnet Skank (Al Moodie) / Faithful Child (Father's Land?) (Magnet All Stars) / Sad Movies (Sir Harry) / Foolish Fool (Mike Dorane) // Dock Of The Bay (uncredited male vocalist (Mike Dorane???) / Dadda Prince (Jah Son) / Negus (Unidentified instrumental group) / Mary Mary (Gene Rondo) / Oh Sweet Africa (Gene Rondo)
Produced by Mike Dorane and Gene Rondo, B Brooks

MGT 002 Various - United Reggae Volume 1
Tracks: Anniversary (Tropic Shadow) / Let Love In (Dennis Brown) / It Wouldn't Be Fair (A. Campbell) / Diana (B. Spence) / All I Have Is Love (G. Issac) // Black Magic Woman (Dennis Brown) / Put Those Fools (Tidals) / When Spring Is Around (A. Campbell) / Tag Along (H. Andy) / What A Great Day (Tidals)
Arranged and Produced by Phil Pratt
Recorded in Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.

MGT 003 John Holt - Presenting The Fabulous John Holt
Tracks: I Am The One To Blame / Tonight / Write Me A Letter / I Am Your Man / Ali-Ba-Ba / I'll Be Lonely // I See Your Face / Closer To Me / I Am Coming Home / Time On The River / Have You Ever Been To Heaven / Let's Build Our Dreams
Produced by Duke Reid

MGT 004 Derrick Morgan - In The Mood
Tracks: What A Something / Don't Blame The Man / Hey Little Girl / Seeing A Girl Is Not Knowing Her / My Snowball Baby / Never Gonna Give Up / Keep On Fooling Me / I Have Nothing / Tell Him I'm Not Him / King's Heart / Big Two (Big Eleven) / Still Around / Seeing A Girl Is Not Knowing Her / The More We Love Together
Produced by Bunny Lee

MGT 005 Various - United Reggae Volume 2
Tracks: Pledging My Love (Al Campbell) / Gee Baby (Tropic Shadow) / Where Your Footsteps Led (B. Spence) / A Game Called Love (Al Campbell) / Let Your Teardrops Fall (Horace Andy) / My Heart Is An Open Book (Phill Pratt) // Shake You, Wake You (B. Spence) / Tempting (Phill Pratt) / Revenge (N. Watson) / Rasta Army (N. Watson) / Today Youth (Horace Andy) / Murder In The Place (Max Romeo)
Arranged and Produced by Phil Pratt

MGT 006 Joe White - Since The Other Day
Tracks: Since The Other Day / I'm Gonna Get There / Get There With Strings (Rupie Edwards All Stars) / You Can't Think For Me / We Will Be Free / President Rock // Baby I Care / Ain't Misbehaving / Rhythm Misbehaving (Rupie Edwards All Stars) / Take A Look In The Mirror / This Is The Time / Tell Me
Produced by Rupie Edwards

MGT 007 Keith Hudson - Entering The Dragon
Tracks: Entering The Dragon / Man From Smoothers Hill / Will You Come Out Tonight? / (No Way) Now That You're Leaving / Rage Of Love / Too Possevive And You Know It Baby / Dub City // War War / Like You Going To A Fair / You're Still A Little Girl / It Was When Friends Started To Talk About You / I Don't Know You / Oh No, Not My Baby / Words So True

MAG 5006 Susan Cadogan - Doing It Her Way
Tracks: Hurt So Good / I Say A Little Prayer / Ghetto Cowboy / Imagine / Will You Love Me Tomorrow / Swinging On A Star // I Can See Clearly Now / Let Me Try Again / Something / Love Me Baby / How Do You Feel The Morning After / Call My Name
Produced by Peter Waterman
Arranged by Tony King
Rhythm tracks recorded at Chalk Farm
Bass, Strings, Woodwind and additional vocals recorded at R.G. Jones
Engineers: Vic Eary at Chalk Farm/Gerry and Greg at R.G. Jones


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