M 001 Hopeton Lewis With The S.P. Ms - Grooving Out On Life
Produced by Winston Blake
Engineers: S. Bucknor, C. Lee

MM 006 Cynthia Schloss - No Brother No Cry
Prod by Winston Blake

OA 001 Cybthia Schloss - Yo Te Quiero
Produced and Arranged by Winston Blake & Neville Hinds
Exec. Prod. Winston Blake

OA 022 Cynthia Schloss - Send Me The Pillow You Dream On
Produced by Willie Lindo
Exec. Prod. Winston Blake

OAD 025 Cynthia Schloss - As If I Don't Know
Arranged & Produced by Willie Lindo

7WB 8138 Inner Circle - How Could I Let You Get Away


Cynthia Schloss - Words (Are Impossible)
Prod. W. Blake
Arr. J. Chong

Mike Thompson - Rocksteady Wedding

Ernie Smith - I Can't Take It
Produced by Paul Khouri
Arr. by Ernie Ranglin 

Ernie Smith - Wait
Produced by Paul Khouri
Arr. by Ernie Ranglin 


Last update on 16 May, 2012