MFLP 001 Pat Kelly - From Both Sides
Tracks: Talk About Love / Soulful Love / I Wish It Would Rain / From Both Sides / Bridge Over Troubled Waters // How Long / That Special Love / Steal Away / It Couldn't Be / He Ain't Heavy
Produced by Phil Pratt
Recording Engineer: Eroll Thompson, Bill Garnett
Technical Director: Phil Pratt, Arthur Jenkins
Supervisor and Music Director: Victor Chin
Recorded in Jamaica and United States Studio 17
Special Thanks to Soul Syndicate Band and Arthur Jenkins
A Music Force Re-Issue of Pama PMP 2013

MFLP 002 Jah Walton - Touch Her Where She Want It Most
(Matrix is MFLP 001, with 001 crossed out and replaced by 002)
Tracks: Stay A You Yard & Praise God / Never Fail I / Grease Can / One Shirt / Adam & Eve // Longest Liver / Water Fort Rock / Medical Man / Touch Her Where She Like It Most / Tender Pum Pum
A Phil Pratt Production


Last update on 24 January, 2010