MALP 001 Delton Screechie - Showcase (Living In The Ghetto)
Tracks: Come And Tell Me / She Is My Woman / I've Got A Letter // Mix Up / Come Forward On / Living In The Ghetto
Produced by Moa Anbessa, C.P. Cleavie Johnson
Laid at Channel One
Voiced and Mixed at Tubbys by Scientist and at Harry J. by Sylvan Morris

MALP 002 Delton Screechie - Suffering In The Ghetto
Tracks: Suffering In The Ghetto / Let Love In / Mankind Is So Unjust / Be Cool / HeartBreaker // Party Time / Reggae Gone International / Mr. Landlord / Children You Must Obey / Watch And Peep
Produced by Michael McKoy & Delton Screechie
Recorded and Mixed at King Tubby's and Harry J's by Professor and Sylvan Morris


Nigger Kojak & Liza - Showcase LP


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