Pioneer is a subsidiary of Golden Age Music

Former address Golden Age Music Ltd.:
180 High Street Harlesden, London N.W. 10, England


PIOLP 1 Mexicano - Move Up Starsky
Tracks: Rock It / The Bouncer / Easy Loving / Move Up Starsky / Dub Rock // Goddess Of Love / Swing And Sway / Lonely Street / Harry The Fool / S.O.S.
Produced by Sidney Crooks, Danny Ray, Clem Bushay, Jackie Edwards
Mixing and Overdubbing at Coach House Studios, 81a Osbaldeston Road, N.16
Engineer: Frank Aggarat

PIOLP 2 Dennis Brown Meets Harry Hippy
Tracks: Coma Coma (Dennis Brown) / Misty Blue (Harry Hippy) / Black Magic Woman (Dennis Brown) / Just Out Of Reach (Harry Hippy) / Open Your Eyes (Dennis Brown) / Take Time To Know (Harry Hippy) / Boogy On (Dennis Brown) / Chokin Coin (Harry Hippy) / When I Am Down (Dennis Brown) / It Tears Me Up (Harry Hippy)

PIOLP 8 Jah Woosh & Mexicano & Super Star & Errol Scorcher - Gun Fight at OK Carol


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