Port Music is a subsidiary of Arawak

Former address Port Music:
45 Greyhound Road, London N17


PORT 001 Al Wayne - Money Money / Roddy Moonie - Dunny Dunny // North Londoners - Money Dub
Recorded and Edited at Gooseberry Recording Studio by Mark Lusardi
Mixed by Errol T.
Assisted by Ruddy Thomas at Joe Gibbs Studio, Kingston, Jamaica

PORT 002 J.A.H. Naptali - Give Me Love / Roddy Moodie - Summertime To Drink Wine // North Londoners - Lovely Instrumental
A Port Music Production
Recorded, Mixed and Edited by Mark Lusardi at Gooseberry Studio, Gerrard Street, London, W.1

PORT 003 Errol Dunkley / Roody Moodie - School Days / Living On The Dole // Errol Dunkley / North Londoners - Love Is A Wonderful Thing / A Wonderful Instrumental
Mixed by Errol T, assisted by Ruddy Thomas at Joe Gibbs studio

PORT 006 Lover Naptali - Reveal Your Love // Roddy Moodie - Lovers Rock Part 2
A Port Music Production


Last update on 11 April, 2012