Former address Silver Camel Records Ltd.:
185 Praed St., London W2, England


SCLP 001 Maxie, Scientist & Barnabas - Three The Hard Way
Tracks: Feedback (Scientist) / Prophecy In Dub (Barnabas) / Ganja Syrup (Maxie) / Cultured Dub (Scientist) / Cool Rock (Barnabas) // Murder (Barnabas) / Bloodlights (Maxie) / The Winner (Scientist) / Bionic Skank (Barnabas) / Masterpiece (Maxie)
Produced by Al Campbell
Recorded at Channel One Studio & KIng Tubby's Studio

SCLP 002 Ranking Dread - Ranking Dread In Dub
Tracks: Bom Dub / Mo More Waiting / Dub Land / Jump Up Dub / Jah Dub // Give Them Dub / Dub It Star / 19000 Dub / Yes Yes Yes Dub / Dub It On Yah
Arranged & Produced by Ranking Dread
Mix by King Tubby, Scientist
Tracks laid at Channel One Kingston Ja.
Overdubs: Ranking Dread at Black Star Studios, London
Backed by Sly & Robbie, Roots Radics

SCLP 003 Various Artists - Roots Reggae Party Volume 1
Tracks: Hands In The Air (Madoo) / African Land (Lone Ranger) / Land Of Rockers / Butti Fi True (Triston Palma) / How You Voice Sweet So (Nickodemus) / Seasons In Step // Get Up Stand Up (Delton Screechie) / Co-operation Between B'n'W (Papa Tiny) / Rainbow County / Life (King Everall) / Living For Tomorrow (Ringo) / Keycard Moves
Produced by F. Perch, C. Gregory
Tracks laid and mixed by King Tubby, Scientist and The Professor at King Tubby's studio, KIngston Jamaica and Channel One studio Kingston Jamaica

SCLP 004 Various Artists - Roots Reggae Party Volume 2
Tracks: Living In The Ghetto (Delton Screechie) / Tense Me Tense (Kojak) / Suspended Sentence / Teardrops (Delton Screechie) / Edge Up To The Rub (Kojak & Liza) / Rub A Dub Stylee (Papa Tiny) // Sit Down And Reason (Mighty 3) / Imperial Meditation / In The Sun (Mighty 3) / Let Jah Sun Shine (Ranking Trevor) / Blistering Dub
Tracks laid and mixed by King Tubby, Scientist and the Professor at King Tubby's studio, Kingston Jamaica and Channel One studio Kingston Jamaica

SCLP 005 Jah Thomas - Dance Hall Stylee
Tracks: African Thing / Love Pon Corner / Dance A Fi Cork / Seek & Find / Love One Another // Part Two / Gwine A School / Jah Jah Guidance / Mr. Barrister / Two In A Family
Produced by Jah Thomas
Tracks laid at Channel One, mixed by Scientist at King Tubbys Studio, Jamaica
Voice and overdubs at Pathway Studios, London, by Silver Camel
Engineered by Gareth Jones
Arranged, edited and mixed by Silver Camel
Musicians: Roots Radics Band

SCLP 006 Ranking Toyan - Ghetto Man Skank
Tracks: Rock It / Nice It Up / Palaving Spree / Raving / Ghetto Man Skank // Back To Jamdown / Gwan A Dance / Proud A Me / Praise Him / Super Duper
Produced by Nkrumah Thomas
Recorded at Channel One, Kingston, Jamaica
Mixed at King Tubbys' by Professor/Channel One by Barnabas

SCLP 007 Mindlinkk - Points Of Decision
Not released

SCLP 008 Ambassador - Different Fashion
Not released

SCLP 009 Alton Ellis - Daydreaming
Tracks: Reason In The Sky / Black Man's Pride / Darling It's True / Day Dreaming // Earth Needs Love / Sinners Gonna Weep / Changes / Stronger Than Before
Produced by Lascelles James
Recorded and mixed at Easy Street Studio
Engineer: Eddie Williams

SCLP 010 Jah Thomas - Dance Hall Connection
Tracks: Dance Hall Connection / Cool Profile / Nigger Skank / Let Him In / Friday Night Jamboree // Living In Jamaica / Joker Smoker / Jealous / Gal A Laugh / Remember Me
Produced by Nkrumah Thomas for Silver Camel Productions
Recorded at Channel One, Kingston, Jamaica
Engineered & miced by by Barnabas & Soldjie and at King Tubbys' by Professor
Musicians: by Roots Radics

SCLP 011 Peter Ranking & General Lucky - Jah Standing Over Me
Tracks: Just Cool / Island In The Sun / Jah Standing Over Me / Thou Shalt Not Kill / Love How They Rock // Love Is A Splendid Thing / Outa Hand / Farmer / Ram-A-Jam
Produced and arranged by Phil Fraser & M. Chin
Recorded at Channel One, Kingston J.A.
Engineered by Scientist

SCLP 012 Philip Fraser - Loving You
Tracks: Holding On / You Will Be Sorry / Lonely Feeling / Still In Love / Sad Movie // Life Is So Funny / Tonight / Sharon / Dew / Raindrops Keep Falling
Produced and arranged by Phil Fraser & M. Chin

SCLP 013 Prince Far I & The Arabs - Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter III
Originally released on the Daddy Kool label
Tracks: Plant Up / Back Weh / The Conquest / Final Chapter // Shake The Nation / Homeward Bound / Low Gravity / Mansion Of Invention
Produced by Prince Far I
Recorded at Channel One
Mixed and overdubbed at Berry Street Studio, London, by the Dub Syndicate
Not released

SCLP 014 Phillip Fraser - Blood Of The Saint
10" album
Tracks: Blood Of The Saint / Bad Boys // Writing On The Wall / Mr. Wicked Man
Produced by P. Fraser & T. Hailey. A Cornerstone Production
Recorded at Channel One
Mixed at King Tubby's
Engineered by Scientist

SKCD 015 Billy Boyo - Zim Zim
CD only
Tracks: Jamaica Nice / Dub Freeze / Zim Zim / Stagolee Stylee / Dreadlocks Party / Dread Skank / Every Mockell Tell / Got To Say It / Iron Woman / Vote For Me / I Like Your Someting / B.B.s Posse
Produced: Silver Camel
Digital Remix: Silver Kamel
Backing Trax: Trevor Ranking

SKCD 016

SKCD 017 Various Artists - Roots Dancehall Party
CD only
Tracks: Strictly Rub A Dub (Anthony Johnson) / Friday Night Jamboree (Jah Thomas) / Rub A Dub Session (Johnny Osbourne) / Just Love And Inity (Early B) / Dancing Time (Philip Fraser) / Work Is Over (Horn Version) / Dancing Mood (Barrington Levy) / Two In The Family (Jah Thomas) / Say What You're Saying (Little John) / Make Some Noise (Danny English) / Every Time I Hear The Music (Anthony Johnson) / Girl Them Sexy (Early B) / Runaround Woman (Triston Palmer) / Black A Fi Mi Beauty (Jah Thomas & Ranking Toyan) / Dancehall We Deh (Sugar Minott) / Sunday Dish (Early B)

SKCD 018 Various Artists - Roots Rasta Party
CD only
Tracks: I Hart Is Clean (Cornell Campbell) / Zinc Fence (Dub) / Sit Down And Reason (Mighty Trees) / Tribute To The King (Ranking Trevor) / Earth, Wind And Fire (Paul Blackman) / Guntalk (Linval Thompson) / Everyday A Shot Dem (Bus King Rolex) / Bad Boys (Philip Fraser) / Blood Of The Saint (Philip Fraser) / Peace And Love (Barry Brown) / Judgement Time (Ranking Toyan) / In The Sun (Mighty Trees) / Let Jah Sun Shine (Ranking Trevor) / Blistering Dub (Dub) / Ras Menlik Congo (Augustus Pablo) / Jah Standing Over Me (Peter Ranking & General Lucky) / Boss Man (Prince Alla)

SKCD 019 Various Artists - West Won Ridim
CD only
Tracks: A No Any Gal (Daville) / Call Them (Danny English & Egg Nog) / Woman Come Fus (Megga Sample) / How The West Was Won (Capleton) / Lift Up Har Skirt (Ranko Danko) / West Won (DJ & Dub Mix)


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