SCMW 001 Various Artists - Chapter 1
Tracks: Fight Life (Honey Boy And Sir Collins) / Exodus (Sir Collins and the Versatiles) / Long Haired Lover From Liverpool (Leonie Collins) / You Broke Your Vow (Merlene Webber) / I'll Be There (Alton Ellis) / Keep On Keeping On (Bill Edwards) / Girl There's So Much To Live For (Gene Rondo) / Queen On Top (Junior Shirley) / Soulface Man (Roy Shirley) / Even (Owen Gray) // King And Queen (Honey Boy) / Shakedown (Sir Collins and Miki) / Ever So Dread (Ted) / Sock It To Me (Big Dread) / Sir Collins In Space (John And Sir Collins And Son) / Sir Collins Special (Sir Collins and Lester Sterling) / Teach The World ABC (Devena Collins) / Teach The World 123 (Honey Boy and Collins' Kids) / Sir Collins' Meditating (Sir Collins and the Versatiles) / Freedom (Owen Gray) / Someday (Gene Rondo) / Love (Youth Man)
Produced by C.C. Collins

SC 001 Various - New Cross Fire: Sir Collins Pays Tribute
Tracks: New Cross Fire (Sir Collins & His Mind Sweepers) / Shake It Up (Steve Collins/Gary Collins) / Music Macine (Steve Collins) / Teach The World A.B.C. (Steve Collins/Leona Collins) / Better Must Come (Steve Collins) / Everybody Knows Me (Steve Collins) / Go To School (Steve Collins) / United We Stand (Black Slate/Steve Collins) // Exodus (Bob Marley's Band & Sir Collins Mind Sweepers) / Tears Of Fire (Sir Collins & His Mind Sweepers) / Peace And Love (1) (Sir Collins & The Sunshine Steel Band) / Peace And Love (2) (Sir Collins & The Sunshine Steel Band) / The More We Are Together (Sir Collins & Russ Painter) / They Shall Not Die (Sir Collins & Russ Painter)
Arranged, produced and controlled by C.C. Collins


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