BDLP 001 Frankie Paul - Ripe Mango
Tracks: The Begining / Too Much Badness / Ripe Mango / Pretty Woman / Fools A Fight Every Day // Fire De A Mus Mus Tail / African Lady (Don't Cry) / Funky Reggae Party / Funky Reggae Party / Cocaine, Cocaine
Produced by Lloydie Coxsone, Cougan & Blacker Dread
Arranged by Blacker Dread, Frankie Paul, Andy McEdit & Jessus Irie
Rydem Voiced at Channel One Studio (Jamaica), TMC Studio (London)
Rydem laid: Easy Street Studio (London)
Overdubbing at Channel One Studio (Jamaica), TMC Studio (London) & Easy Street Studio (London)
Mix at Music Mountain Studio (Jamaica) & Dynamics Studio (Jamaica) by Peter Chemist, TMC Studio (London) by Andy McEdit

BDLP 002 Various Artists - Turn On The Heat
Tracks: Joy (Medley) (Sanchez) / Nuff Niceness (Flourgon) / Turn On The Heat (Conrod Crystal) / Tyson (Tenorfly) / Hold It Down (Lukie D) // Life Story (Conrod Crystal/Sherriff & Deputy) / Hello Josephine (Sanchez & Stingaman) / Bad Boy A Street (Daddy Freddy) / Nah Fight Over Woman (Quench Aid) / Version (Fire House Crew)

BDLP 003 Various Artists - Blacker Dread
Tracks: No Drugs Allowed (Daddy Freddy) / Biker Rider (Top Cat) / Send Them Come (Junior Chin) / Roughneck Fashion (Tenor Fly) / Love Her To Death (Ricky Ranking) / The Remeady (Milo Gun) / Respect Women (Shanki Sheckles) // Don't Lick No Rock (Ricky Tuffy) / D.J Anthem (Devon Irie) / Respect A Champion (Mr Palmer) / Original A De Key (Conrad Crystal) / Respect Women (Sister Sonia) / Rough House Na Ramp (Joe Mannix) / Rougher Fashion (Lady Mackerel)

BDLP 004 Various Artists - Blacker Dread Presents Various Artists Vol. 2 Nuclear War
Tracks: Showers Of Blessing (Colour Man) / Ethiopian Crisis (Adrian Deallie) / Nuclear War (Ricky Tuffy) / Kuff A New Leader (Ragga G.) / Singy Singy Rosemarie (Devon Irie) / God Love You (Spliffington) / San Francisco Earthquake (Matic 16) // Tell Them A Me (Daddy Freddy) / Conscious Woman (Top Cat) / Sound Slaughter (Don Ricardo) / See Sid Deh (Little Howie) / Unfit Mother (Screamer Don) / Nuclear Dub (Chemist Super Mixture)
Produced and arranged by Blacker Dread
Recorded, voiced and mixed at Progressive Sound Studio, London
Recording engineer: Drummie
Mixing ngineers: Peter Chemist, Patrcik, Don Ricardo & Dub Rock

BDLP 005 Nitty Gritty - Jah In The Family
Tracks: Lightning / Traditional Name / Jah In The Family / Tenasaw / Wala Wala Whelo // First Time Ever / What Is Your Complaint / Summer Time / Memories (On My Mind) / Make Use A That

BDLP 006 Top Cat - Sensimilla Man
Tracks: Love My Sensimilla / Locomotion / Cultural Preaching / Sweet Dreams / Mr. Wang / Cat A Yard // D.J. Fashion / Bad Boy Cat / Conscious Woman / Puppa Licking / Everything I Own / Bike Rider

BDLP 09 Frankie Paul - Be Strong
Tracks: Stay With Me / Every Little Thing Only You (Baby, Baby) / Friends For Life / Be Strong / Mr Poison // Listen To The Vibes / Don't Wanna Be (No Gangster) / Constantly / We'll Meet Again / And Why Not (Take All Of Me) / Krusha


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