(Former) address Starlight Records:
17 Craven Park Road, Harlesden, London NW10, England


SLP 900 Bunny Lion - Red
Tracks: Natty Rise And Shine / Jubilation / Bunny Lion At The Control / Go Rockers / Blackman Kingdom // Mount Zion / Rat Trap / Bubbling Dub / Ilie / Heart And Soul
Produced by: K. Scott, P. White
Re Mix by: B.C.B. Producers

SLD 901 Scientist - Dub Landing
Tracks: Invaders / Landing / Dark Side / Attack / Beaming // Vulcan / Black Out / Time Passage / Meteorite / Galaxy
Produced by Linval Thompson
Recorded at Channel One Studios by Crucial Bunny, Barnabas & Maxie
Mixed at King Tubby's by Scientist
Backed by Roots Radics Band

SDLP 902 Dubbing In The U.K.
Tracks: Brixton Dub / Liverpool Dub / Birmingham Dub / Leeds Dub / Manchester Dub // Bradford Dub / Leicester Dub / Southampton Dub / Wolverhampton Dub / Huddersfield Dub
Produced by Desmond Popsy Benup
Recorded at Music Works
Mixed at Music Works Studio
Mixed by Desmond & Joe

SLDLP 903 Scientist - Dub Landing Vol. 2
Tracks: Earth / Reconnaissance / Base / Life / Contact // Denial / City Of Gold / Betrayal / Conquest / Victory
Arranged by Desmond Popsy & Benup
Produced by Linval Thompson
Recorded at Channel One Studios
Mixed at King Tubby's by Scientist and Prince Jammie
Backed by Roots Radics Band

SDLP 905 Jackie Edwards - Tell It Like It Is
Tracks: Memories Are Made Of This / Linda Darling / A Blossom Fell / Tell It Like It Is / My Style (My Way) // Endless Love / Someone Somewhere / Imagine / The Girl I Love The Most / Your Eyes Are Dreaming
Produced by Bunny Lee and Jackie Edwards
Mixed at Joe Gibbs and Chennel 1 Studios by Errol T, Oswal Palma, Ruddy Thomas, Sylvan Morris and Sogie
Voice at Harry J, Joe Gibbs and Channel 1 Studios
Backing by The Agrovators

SDLP 906 Jackie Edwards - Nothing Takes The Place Of You
Tracks: My Paradise Princess / Nothing Takes The Place Of You / Nothing As Sweet As You / Portrait Of My Love / Indded I Love You // Honey / Looks Like The End Of The World / My Secret Love / My Hearts Desire / Now Is The Hour
Produced by Bunny Lee and Jackie Edwards
Mixed and Voice at Joe Gibbs by Errol T., Prince Jammy, Oswal Palma and Ruddy Thomas
Edited at Prince Jammys Studio

SDLP 907 Natural Vibes - Life Hard A Yard
Tracks: Natural Vibes / Reggae Singer / Children Crying / Dreadlocks Time / Liberation Song / Life Hard A Yard // Food For Thought / Blood And Hate / Rastaman / Cry Love / My Woman Is Gone / True True Loving
Produced by Prince Jammys
Recorded a& Mixed at Channel One and King Tubby's Studio
Engineer: Prince Jammys
Backed by Sly and Robbie, Roots Radics, High Times

SDLP 908 Cornell Campbell - Boxing
Tracks: It's Grooving Time / Queen Of The Minstrel / Be True To Me / Speak No Evil / The Gorgon Is Back / Party Time // Boxing / Natty Dread / Rasta Come From Jail / Confusion On The Land / 100 Lb Of Collie / Devil In Bed
Produced by Bunny Lee
Recorded at Channel One Studios
Mixed & Voice at King Tubby's Studios by Prince Jammys
Special thanks to Sly, Robbie & The Agrovators

SDLP 909 Paragons - Now
Tracks: Come A Little Closer / That All I Want / The Meddling Crowd / I Need Her / A Place Called Zion / Heaven And Earth / The First Time I Saw You / Positive Moments / Life Spoilers / Dirty Streets
Produced by Bunny Lee
Mixed by Prince Jammy, Prince Phillip
Backed by Aggrovators

SDLP 911 Lord Sassafrost - The Horse Man Connection
Tracks: Horse Man Connection / Lick Them With Music / Pooping Contest / Yorkshire Ripper / Mad Man Party / Stop Spread Rumour // Tribute To The King / Dance In A Beatyon / Special Request To David Rodigan / Jamaica Girls / Hot Spurs On The Ball / Take Heed My Brother
Produced by Bunny Lee
Mix at King Tubby's Studio by Prince Jammy's
Backed by The Agrovators

SDLP 912 Sonia Spence - Pure Love
Tracks: Pure Love / Tonight / Love Won't Let Me Wait / Since I Met You Baby / I Love You // For Your Love / Look Through The Window / I Belong To You / Jet Plane
Produced by C. Reid
Engineer: Mervyn Williams. Christopher Daley
Mixed at Aquarius by Mervyn Williams

SDLP 913 Various - Reggae 14
Tracks: No More Heart Aches (Delroy Wilson) / Sad Movies (I Societ) / Love Is Overdue (Jackie Edwards) / If You Should Lose Me (George Nooks) / Having My Baby (Dobby Dobson) / Turn Me On (Barry Issacher) / You Got To Let Me Go (Eric Donaldson) // You Make Your Mistake (Carlton Livingston) / It's True (I Societ) / Diana (George & Jackie) / I Want To Love You (Delroy Wilson) / Mother & Child Reunion (George & Jackie) / Imagine Now (Keeble Drummon) / Words Are Impossible (Marcia)

SDLP 914 Natural Mystic - Groove Rocking
Tracks: Groove Rocking / Keep On Trying / Operator / She's Been Away / Everybody's Dancing // Can You Feel It / She's Driving Me Crazy / Can't Feel The Pain / Sweet Memories / If You Only Knew
Produced By Natural Mystic & Starlight Records
Recorded At Easy Street Studios
Engineer: Eddie Williams
Asst. Engineer: Joe

SDLP 915 Barry Biggs - So In Love

SDLP 916 Barry Biggs - Wide Awake
Tracks: Wide Awake In A Dream / Care My Love / Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying / I'll Always Love You / If Ever // Rain From The Sky / A Promise Is A Comfort / This Is Good Life / Show Me Your Company / Didn't I
Produced by Barry Biggs
Recorded and Mixed at Dynamic Sound Studios, Kingston, Jamaica
Engineererd by M. Riley, N. Hearne, G. Chung, Maxie McClean
Mixed by Geoffery Chung and Errol Brown


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