SLX 7500 Various Artists - Swan Lake
Tracks: Johnny Reggae (Roosevelt Singers) / Worried Over You (King Reggie) / Dancing Mood (Junior Smith) / Vietnam (Sammy Jones) / Rich And The Poor (Geoff Jones (Pat Rhoden) And The Supercats / Slave Driver (King Horror) // Shaft (Jumbo Sterling) / Young, Gifted And Black (King Reggie) / Swan Lake (Montego Melon) / Love Of The Common People (King Reggie) / The World Is Spinning Around (Joe Higgs) / Happy Song (Twinkle Brothers)
Produced by Roosevelt (Harry J), Jack Price, Joe Mansano

SLX 7501 Various Artists - With These Hands
Tracks: African People (Indian Reservation) (Funky Brown) / Superbad (J.D. (The Roc) / I Don't Know (Junior Smith) / Lay A Foundation (Version) (Jackie Rowland) / With These Hands (Mark Wayne) / Elizabethan Reggae (Jumbo Sterling) // The Wave Of War (Joe Higgs) / Pharaoh's Walk (Exodus) / Funny Man (King Reggie) / You're My Girl (Sammy Jones) / In The Ghetto (Phyllis Dillon) / Monkey Man (King Reggie)
Produced by Roosevelt, Tower, Jack Price , Goodall

SLX 7502 Various Artists - King Of The Road And Other Reggae Favourites
Tracks: Mammy Blue (The Circles) / True Born African (T. Man & T. Bones) / I Need You Now (Errol T) / The Train (Engine 54) (Lloyd The Matador) / You Just Gotta Get Ready (Pooch Jackson) / Cool Girl (King Reggie) / Lay A Foundation (Joe Higgs) / King Of The Road (U Roy & The Harry J. Allstars) / Lonely Man (Jackie Rowland) / Put On Pressure (Junior Smith) / Little Ceasar (Sammy Jones) Julia Sees Me (Exodus)

SLX 7503 Various Artists - Unchained
Tracks: Unchained Melody (Honey Boy Martin) / Reggae Mento (The Hong Gang) / Indian Reservation (Jackie Rowland) / The Wedding (U Roy Junior) / Let It Be (King Reggie's Allstars) / Hot Dog (Jumbo Sterling's Allstars) // Buttercup (Lloyd Campbell's Allstars) / Lucky Dip (Montego Melon) / My Sugar Ain't Sweet (Jumbo Sterling) / Once Bitten (Pooch Jackson) / I'm Going Home (Junior Smith) / Nobody's Gonna Sleep Tonight (Horatio Soul)
Produced by Roosevelt, Jack Price, Lloyd Campbell, Roy Smith, Hubert Pattison


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