PTP 1001 Various Artists - Reggae Hit The Town
Tracks: Sinners Where Are You Going To Hide (Justin Hinds) / Can't You Understand (Larry Marshall) / Darling It's You (Bill Gentles) / If It's Love You Need (Justin Hinds) / Sing About Love (Par Kelly) / You Lie (Larry Marshall) // Car Pound (Bill Gentles) / Just Like A Woman (Pat Kelly) / Never Stop Loving You (Derrick Morgan) / Beat Them Jah Jah (The Twinkle Brothers) / Education Rock (Junior Byles) / Come What May (Fermena)

PTLP 1008 Prince Jammy & Crucial Bunny - Fatman Dub Contest
Tracks: Jammys A No Fool / Jammys On The Move / Jammys A Shine / Jammys A Satta // Bunny Is Crucial / Bunny Na Jest / Bunny A Warrior / Bunny No Easy
Produced by The Mighty Fatman

PTPLP 1023 Lee Perry & The Upsetters - Best Of Lee Perry & The Upsetters
Tracks: Return Of The Ugly (Upsetters) / For A Few Dollars More (Upsetters) / Prisoner Of Love (Dave Barker) / Dry Acid (Count Sticky & The Upsetters) / Rightful Ruler (Peter Tosh & U-Roy) / Clint Eastwood (Upsetters) // Taste Of Killing (Upsetters) / Selassie (Reggae Boys) / What Is This (Junior Murvin) / Ain't No Love (David Issacs) / My Snob (Upsetters) / I Caught You (Upsetters)
Produced by Lee Perry for Pama Records

PTPLP 1026 Lee Perry - The Best Of Lee Perry And The Upsetters Vol. 2
Tracks: Exray Vision / Can't Take It Any More / Soul Stew / Low Lights / Cloud Nine / Beware / Serious Joke / Goosy / Prove It / Boss Society / Mean And Dangerous / Games People Play
Produced by Lee Perry

PTPLP 1028 King Tubby - Majestic Dub
Tracks: Dub Them Under Manners / Go In A It Dub Stylee / This Is A Natural Dub Stylee / Ragga Muffin Stylee Dub / Bad Boys Dub Stylee // The Best Dub In The Business / Majestic Dub Stylee / Brighter Shade Of Dub Stylee / Dubbers Delight Stylee / Back Out A This Dub Stylee
Produced by Bunny Lee
Mixed at Tubbys by Prince Jammy and Tubby
Backed by The Aggrovators

PTPLP 1030 Slim Smith - Very Best of Slim Smith
Tracks: Speak No Evil / Precious Love / Love And Devotion / Can't Sleep Without It / Watch This Sound / Out Of Love / Kiss Me Each Morning / Give Me A Love / Girl Of My Dreams / Give Me Some Love Girl / Build My World Around You / My Woman's Love / Keep That Light Shining On Me / Sunny Side Of The Sea
Produced by Bunny Lee


Last update on 4 August 2004