(Former) address Tad's Records Ltd:
Unit FO3, Acton Business Centre, School Road, London NW10, England
Tad's Record Co:
89 Roding Rd, London E5, England


TRDLP 101579 Meditations - Guidance
Tracks: Something Looking Good / Play I / Senorita / Marrige / Life Is Not Easy // War Mongers / Hard Life / Meracile / Jungle Feeling

TRDLP 101679 The Slickers - Breakthrough
Tracks: Marcus - Disco Style / Johnnie Too Bad - Disco Style / Every Wolf - Disco Style // Give Us A Break / Run Come / African Children / Black A White
Produced by Earl Chin, Tad Dawkins for Rootsman Production Inc.
Recorded at Black Ark and Harry J. Studio
Mixed by J. Chung
Engineer: Lee "Scratch" Perry, S. Morris

TRDLP 10180 Scientist Vs Papa Tads - Allied Dub Selection
Tracks: Who Dead? / Kill Me With Dub Pa Tads / You Can't Play This One Scientist / Pack Up And Go Home Boy / Murder Style (all: Papa Tads) // A Me Dead / Scientist Special / Straight To Saps Head / Water House Rock / Straight To Tads Head
Produced by Tad A. Dawkins, Jah Thomas, Tad A. Dawkins
Recorded at Channle One Studio
Mixed at King Tubby Studio by Papa Tads and Scientist

TRDLP 11580 Rupie Edwards - Conversation Styleeee
Tracks: Satan Style / Yama Way / Studio Fashion / President A Mash Up De Resident / President Rock // Conversation / Horns Track / Doctor Come Quick / Half Way Tree Pressure / Sweet Inspiration Skank / 7 Eleven Rock
Produced by R. Edwards, B. Lee, J. Riley

TRDLP 51980 Various - Soul To Soul Vol. 1
Tracks: Teaching (Barry Brown) / Soul To Soul (Rod Taylor) / Whip Them (Rankin Barnibas) / Chuckie Chuckie (Welton Irie) / Money Money (Georgi McKay) // More Soul To Soul (Rod Taylor) / Class Of 69 (C. Livingston) / Dub Of 69 / Tribute To Bobby (C. Livingston) / Dub To Bobby
Produced by Tad A. Dawkins, T. Lindo
Recorded at Channel One, King Tubbys Studio, Waterhouse

TRDLP 52880 Horace Andy - Showcase
Tracks: Cuss Cuss / Money Money / Cherry O Baby / Shank I Sheck / Strictly Rub A Dub / Chant Rastanman Chant // Babylon System / Jah Love Light / Ain't No Sunshine / Something's On My Mind

TRDLP 81880 Junior Keating - Weekend Lover
Tracks: Long Long Time / Conquering Lion / Jah Wrote Me A Letter / Weekend Lover / Watch What You Do / Baby Please Be True / Hang Up The Telephone / Something Is Bugging Me / Coming Of A Storm / Dubbing Of A Storm

TRDLP 82080 Jah Thomas - Nah Fight Over Woman
Tracks: Hear It In The News / Please Mr. Officer / Stylee - Stylee / Nah Fight Over Woman / Have To Spend Me Hotel Fee // Mary Lou / Cockee - Pussy / Hotel No Lack / Morning Ride / Put It On Back
Produced by Jah Ukruman Thomas stricly for Tad's Record Den
Executive Producers: Ted A. Dawkins, Ted A. Dawkins Jr.
Rythm tracks recorded at Channel One Studio
Voiced + mixed at King Tubby Dtudio by Scientist
All rythm tracks laid by the Roots Radics Band

TRDLP 41281 Various - Roots To Roots Soul To Soul Vol. 2
Tracks: Cus Cus (Lloyd Robinson) / Cus Cus Dubwise / Poverty (Earl Sixteen) / Lavender Blue (Lloyd Robinson) / Lavender Blue Dubwise // Slave (Earl Sixteen) / Love Is Just A Gamble (W. Hussie) / African Queen (Junior Keating) / A Who (Booker T) / Tears In My Eyes (Fanna) / Heavenless (Dean Frazer)
Produced by Tad A. Dawkins, Tad A. Dawkins Jnr, Rankin Joe & Jah Thomas
All rhythm laid by The Roots Radics Band
Except the original Cus Cus and Lavender Blue
Produced by Harry J

TRDLP 4781 Hugh Griffiths - Mr. Walker
Tracks: Mr Walker / I Can Not Forget / Why Birds Follow Spring / Why Did You Make Me Blue / Cinderella // I Need A Woman / Roots Rock Reggae / Jamaica / I Am Living Up / In The Mids Of My Life
Produced by Ted A. Dawkins & Ted A. Dawkins Jr.
All tracks laid at Channel One Studio
Mixed and voiced at Harry J. Studio
Musicians: Roots Radics Band

TRLP 4881 Errol Flabba Holt - Roots Radics Dub
Tracks: Flabba Dub / Screw Face Dub / Bronx Bommers / Macka Dub / Ark Special // Satta Dub / Criple Man Scank / Rub A Dub Style / Murder Dub / Super Special Dub
Produced by Ranking Joe / Jah Screw
Executive Producers Ted A. Dawkins Tad A. Dawkins Jr.


TRDLP 12181 Ranking Joe - Tribute To John Lennon

TRDLP 21681 (3181)Tony Tuff - The Best Of Tony Tuff
Tracks: Hope Its True / Wicked Have Fe Run / Honesty The Best Of Policy / Hello Good Looking // Tired Of This Life I Am Living / For Every Man / Roots Man / She Is Gone / Good Times
Executive Producer: Ted A. Dawkins
Produced by Tad A. Dawkins, Jah Screw, Ranking Joe Jackson, Tad A. Dawkins Jr.

TRDLP 41181 King Tubbys - King At The Control
Tracks: King Tubby's Special / Tad's Special / Winter Dub / Raving Dub / Dread Dub // Eastwood Dub / General Saint Dub / Ranimo Dub / Dub Up Dub / Nkrumah Dub
Produced by Tad A. Dawkins & Tad A. Dawkins Jr.

BRLP 006 Ranking Trevor - Presenting Ranking Trevor
Tracks: Fish Filet / Fish Man Dub / Rope In Sister Jean / Rope In Dub / Hold Fast / Hold Dub-Wise // Spanish River  / River Bank Dub  / Youth In A Posse / Mad Posse / Working  / Working Dub
Arr. & Prod. by S. Minott
Ex. Prod. Tad A. Dawkins

Scientist - Scientific Dub

TRDLP 10182 U Brown - Hotter Reggae Music

Ranking Joe - Showcase

Various - Shank I Sheck
Tracks: Shank I Sheck (Dennis Brown) / Shank I Sheck (Sugar Minott) / Shank I Sheck (Horace Andy) / Shank I Sheck (Triston Palmer) / Shank I Sheck (Delroy Smith) / Shank I Sheck (Ital Vibes) // Shank I Sheck (Ranking Joe) / Shank I Sheck (Ranking Dread) / Shank I Sheck (U-Brown) / Shank I Sheck (Dean Frazer) / Shank I Sheck (King Tubby) / Shank I Sheck (Linval Thompson)
Produced by Tad A. Dawkins, Tad A. Dawkins Jnr & Ranking Joe

TRDLP 122582 Dennis Brown - Satisfaction Feeling
Tracks: If This World Were Mine / Oh Girl / Easy Take It Easy/ Satisfaction Feeling // Satisfaction Dub// Rub-a-dub All The Time / Unite Brotherman / Give Me Your Loving / Praise Without Raise / Don't Want To Be No General
Arranged and Produced by Dennis Brown & Tad. A. Dawkins
Executive Producer: Tad A. Dawkins Jnr.
Oh Girl produced by: Trevor Bow & Dennis Brown
Musicians: The Roots Radics band Sly & Robbie and the Aggrovators
Recorded at Harry J Studio Channel one & Tuff Gong Studio

TRDLP 12183 Various - Water Pumping Top Ten
Tracks: You Are My Sunshine (The Mighty Rudo) / Level Vibes (Sugar Minott) / Do It Like Me (Leroy Smart) / Name And Number (Freddie McGregor) / Water Pumping (Johnny Osbourne) // Beware (Horace Andy) / Baby Come Home (Badoo) / Everywhere We Go / Shoulder Move (Singie Singie) / Baby Come Home (Ranking Prendigas)
Produced by Tad A Dawkins & Tad A Dawkins jnr.
Recorded at Channel One & Dynamic Studio

TRD 31984 Gregory Isaacs - Easy
Tracks: Continent Woman / Don't Say No / Easy / Tear Drops / Won't Give You Up // Tenement Yard / Love Is Overdue / A, Miner (Am) / Cool Ruler Come Again / Cheer Up
Produced by Tad A. Dawkins & Gregory Isaacs for Chords Ltd.
Executive Producer: Tad A. Dawkins, Peter Dawkins & Tad A. Dawkins Jr.
Recorded by Geoffery Chung & Noel Hearne
O/D Engineers: Michael Riley, Noel Hearne, Geoffery Chung and Phillip Robinson
Carefully Mixed by Noel Hearne, Phillip Robinson and Tad A. Dawkins
Mixed at Rawlston Studio, Brooklyn N.Y.

TRD 14484 Tad's Logic Dub Band - Chapter 1 Dub Mix
Tracks: Science / How Sweet / Live Dub / DeFcon 4 // Rerun / S.O.S. / He Man / Stiff Bass & Drums

Tad's Logic Dub Band - Tad's Logic Dub

TRD 2385 Various - Under Me Sleng Teng Extravaganza
Tracks: Put One Hand On The Key For Me (Echo Minott) / Put It By Number One (Johnny Osborune) / Under Me Sleng Teng (Wayne Smith) / Jamming In The Street (Patrick Andy) / Call The Police (John Wayne) // Sweet Teng (Tony Asher & Prince Jammy) / Oldtime Proverbs (Tenor Saw) / Pass Teng (Tunto Irie) / Prices A Lick Like Storm (Mr. Lee) / Mega Dub Mix (Worp Speed) (Digital Booby)
Produced by Prince Jammy & Tad A. Dawkins
Executive Producer: Tad A. Dawkins & Peter Dawkins

TRD 19885 Lloyd Parks - Jeans, Jeans
Tracks: When You Smile / Connecting Posse / Jeans, Jeans, Jeans / Go Deh Reggae Music // Call Me /The Woman Is Sweet / Beautiful Weekend / Please Mr. D.J.
Produced by Lloyd Parks & Tad A. Dawkins
Recorded at Music Mountain Studios Kgn Jamaica W.I., Dynamic recording Studio Jamaica W.I.
Mixed at Compas Point Sudio Nassa Bahamas
Mixing Engineer: Noel Hearne, Steven Stanley, Tad Dawkins
Technical Engineer: Vince McCartney
Mixing Director and arrangements: Lloyd Parks & Tad A. Dawkins

TRD 111585 Dennis Brown/John Holt - Wild Fire
Tracks: My Best Girl / Wild Fire / I'll Never Fall In Love Again / Tell Me Why // True Believer In Love / Emergency / Reload / Nobody Can Please Me / Folla Fashion
Produced by Tad Dawkins
Recorded at Music Mountain, Dynamics, Kingston & Easy Street, London
Overdubs & mixing at Phase One, Toronto & Compass Point, Nassau

TRDLP 15586 Gregory Isaacs - All I Have Is Love, Love, Love
Tracks: First Aid / Bang Belly / Just Be Nice / No Body Know / When I Needed A Friend // Hard Drugs / Footsteps / All I Have Is Love, Love, Love / Sad And Lonely Man / You Brought Me / Settle Nuh
Produced by Tad A. Dawkins & Gregory Isaacs
Executive Producer: Tad. A Dawkins, Tad Dawkins Jr. & Peter Dawkins
Recorded at: Music Mountain Studio, Dynamic Sounds, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.
Overdubs: Quadrosonic Studio, N.Y. U.S.A.
Recording Engineers: Noel Hearne, Malcolm M. Riley, David Rowe, St. Lucian, Trinnie & Dennis Thompson
Mixing Engineers: Noel Hearne, Tad A. Dawkins & Bunny Tom Tom
All Tracks Mixed at Music Nountab Studio, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.

TRD 1187 Gregory Isaacs - Reggae It's Fresh
Tracks: Coronation Market (Gregory Isaacs) / Musical Revenge (Gregory Isaacs) / I'll Be On My Way (Gregory Isaacs) / Easy Lover (Gregory Isaacs) / Mother's Day (Gregory Isaacs) / For The Longest Time (Johnny Osbourne) / Here I Come (Dennis Brown) / Any Way You Want It (Dennis Brown) / Level Vibes (Lincoln Sugar Minott) / Too Long Will Be Too Late (Freddie McGregor & Jennifer Lara) / Name & Number (Freddie McGregor) / Eternal Love (Horace Sleepy Andy)

TRD 1187 Various Artists - It's Fresh Vol. 1
Tracks: Easy Take It Easy (Dennis Brown) / Eternal Love (Horace Andy) / Level Vibes (Sugar Minott) / Too Long Will Be Too Late (Freddie McGregor & Jennifer Laura) / Ain't No Love (Horace Andy) // If This World Were Mine (Dennis Brown) / Baby Love (Johnny Osbourne) / I'll Be On My Way (Gregory Isaacs) / For The Longest Time (Johnny Osbourne) / Tu-Sheng Peng (U. Brown)


SSLP 001 Ranking Dread - Lots Of Loving
Tracks: Lots of Loving / Loving Devotion / Super Star / A Which One A We Yu Love // Come Sister Come / Humble Lion Prayer / Wah-go-a-Africa / Nuh Trouble Natty Dread
Produced and arranged by Sugar Minott and Ranking Dread
Recorded and Channel 1 Studio
Musicians: Black Roots Players and Sly, Robbie, Bingy, Steelie, Glady!!!


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