Former address Tempus Records
21A Malvern Rd, London NW6 5PS, England


TEMLP 001 Blackbeard - Strictly Dub Wize
Tracks: Cut After Cut / Rebel Chase / Ites Of Dub / River To Bank Rocking / Tell Yuh So // Strictly Dub / Mint Ah Music / Ska-Be-Doo-Za / Ah Weh
Recorded at Gooseberry Studios, London
Engineers: Mark Lusardi, Dave Hunter, Dennis Bovell

TEMLP 003 Various Artists - Fugis
Tracks: Jah Man (Errol Campbell) / Sun Is Shining (Bagga Matumbi) / Movements (Sonny Tomm) / Cry (Angelique) / Lili Twill (Raaw) / Jah Find Babylon Guilty (Junior Brown) // Jah Man Dub (Errol Campbell) / Shining Is Shining (Bagga Matumbi) / Movement Dub (Sonny Tomm) / Cry Dub (Angelique) / Lilli Twill (Raaw) / Babylon In A Dub (Junior Brown)


Last update on 30 August 2003