TSL 1000 Max Romeo - Revelation Time
Tracks: Revelation Time / No Peace / Tacko / Blood Of The Prophet / Blood Of The Prophet Pt. II // Warning, Warning / A Quarter Pound Of I'cense / Three Blind Mice / Open The Iron Gate / Open The Iron Gate Pt. II
Produced by Azul, Pete Weston, Lee Perry
Executive Producer: Geoffrey Chung
Recorded at The Black Ark, Randys Sound Studios, Kingston, Jamaica
Engineer: Lee Perry, George Philpotts
Remixed at Dynamic Sound Studios, Kingston Jamaica
Engineers: Geoffrey Chung, Ronald Logan

TSL 1002 Pablo Moses - Revolutionary Dream
Tracks: I Love I Bring / Be Not A Dread / Give I Fe I Name / We Should Be In Angola / Come Mek We Run // Revolutionary Dream / Where Am I / I Man A Grasshopper / Corrupted Man / Blood Money // Lonely Singer /
Produced by Geoffrey Chung
Recorded at Joe Gibbs

TSL 1003 Bob Andy - The Music Inside Me
Tracks: Make Mine Music / Nyah / Let Them Say / Hell A Go Broke Loose / Desperate Lover // The Music Inside Me / Check It Out / Fire Burning / Rock It Down / Feeling Soul
Produced by Keith Anderson, Geoffrey Chung
Recorded at Harry J Studios, Kingston, Jamaica
Engineer: Sylvan Morris, Dynamic Sound Studios, Kingston Jamaica
Engineer: Ronald Logan
Remixed at Dynamic Sound Studios
Engineer: Geoffrey Chung


Last update on 8 April 2004