YDDLP 001 Various Artists - Dance Hall Fever
Tracks: Meditation (Little Clarkie) / Sight The Move (Dixie Peach) / We A De Don (Sugar Dee) / This Is For You (Errol Bellot) / Bounty Hunter (Colonel Mite & Sammy Ranks) // Ten Steps (Dixie Peach) / Kick Up A Dust (Little Clarkie) / Me Na Rap Up By Frighty / Bad Rumours (Errol Bellot) / Mike Shy (Gadman)

YDDLP 002 Various Artists - Y&D Showcase
Tracks: Bad Boys (Frighty & Colonel Mite) / Ugly Man (Crucial Robbie) / Big Up Your Chest (Little Clarkie) / Rhythm Track (JTS System Mix) // Come We Just A Come (Sugar Dee) / Harmonica Style (R. McKenzie) / Pon The Spot (Gadman) / Rhythm Track (JTS System Mix)
Backed by The Mighty Offbeat Possie
Recorded, mixed and mastered at J.T.S. Studio, London, England


Last update on 28 October, 2006