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Albums 7"s 12"s
  Abacush 7"s Abacush 12"s
  Abi Records 7"s  
    ABL Records 12"s
  Achilles 7"s  
  Ackee 7"s  
  Action 7"s  
Ade J albums   Ade J 12"s
    Adelphi Records 12"s
  Affection 7"s  
    African Drums Music 12"s
  Afrik 7"s Afrik (International) 12"s
    After Lord 12"s
  Akins 7"s  
  Aladdin 7"s  
  Allstar 7"s  
A & M albums A & M 7"s A & M 12"s
Amalgamated albums Amalgamated 7"s  
    Ambassador 12"s
Amethyst albums Amethyst 7"s Amethyst 12"s
  Amusicon 7"s  
    Anansi 12"s
  Anchor 7"s  
  Andinet 7"s  
Angen albums Angen 7"s  
    A1 Records 12"s
  Arawak 7"s Arawak 12"s
  Aries 7"s Aries 12"s
Ariwa albums Ariwa 7"s Ariwa 12"s
  A Rover 7"s  
Arrival albums Arrival 7"s Arrival 12"s
  Arrow 7"s  
Art & Craft albums   Art & Craft 12"s
Ashanti albums Ashanti 7"s  
  Ata 7"s Ata 12"s
  Atlantic 7"s  
  Atomic 7"s  
Attack albums Attack 7"s Attack 12"s
Atra albums Atra 7"s Atra 12"s
Baal albums Baal 7"s  
BAF albums BAF 7"s  
Ballistic Records albums Ballistic Records 7"s Ballistic Records 12"s
  Bam-Bam 7"s  
Bamboo albums Bamboo 7"s  
  Bamboo Now 7"s  
Banana albums Banana 7"s  
  Basilisk 7"s  
B & B Music albums   B & B Music 12"s
BB Records albums BB Records 7"s BB Records 12"s
  B & C 7"s  
  B & C Sound Music 7"s  
  Bell 7"s  
Beverley's albums    
  Big 7"s  

Big Ship albums

Big Ship 7"s Big Ship 12"s
Big Shot albums Big Shot 7"s  
    Big Youth 12"s
  Bimbo Music 7"s  
  Black Ark Records 7"s  
Black Ark International albums   Black Ark International 12"s
  Black Art 7"s Black Art 12"s
  Black Eagle 7"s  
Black Jack albums Black Jack 7"s Black Jack 12"s
Black Joy albums   Black Joy 12"s
    Black Lion 12"s
Black Music albums   Black Music 12"s
    Blackout Music 12"s
Black Roots albums Black Roots 7"s Black Roots 12"s
Black Star albums    
  Black Star Music 7"s  
Black Swan albums Black Swan 7"s Black Swan 12"s
Black Symbol albums   Black Symbol 12"s
    Black Symbolic 12"s
Black Wax albums Black Wax 7"s  
  Black & White 7"s  
Blue Beat albums Blue Beat 7"s Blue Beat 12"s
    Bluebird Records 12"s
Blue Cat albums Blue Cat 7"s  
  Blue Inc 7"s Blue Inc 12"s
  Blue Moon 7"s  
  Blue Mountain 7"s  
Blue Mountain albums   Blue Mountains 12"s
Blue Trac albums   Blue Trac 12"s
  Blue Water Music 7"s  
Boa Records albums Boa Records 7"s Boa Records 12"s
Body Music albums   Body Music 12"s
    Book of Psalms 12"s
  Boss 7"s  
BPI albums BPI 7"s  
  Bread 7"s  
  Brit 7"s  
    Brixton Promotion 12"s
  Brixton Sound 7"s  
  Bullet 7"s  
  Burke's Records 7"s  
Burning Rockers albums   Burning Rockers 12"s
Burning Sounds albums Burning Sounds 7"s Burning Sounds 12"s
Burning Vibrations albums   Burning Vibrations 12"s
Bushays albums   Bushays 12"s
Cactus albums Cactus 7"s Cactus 12"s
  Caltone 7"s  
    Calypso Joe 12"s
    Cam 12"s
  Camel 7"s  
Cancer albums Cancer 7"s Cancer 12"s
  Capitol 7"s  
Carib albums    
Caribana albums Caribana 7"s Caribana 12"s
  Caribbean 7"s  
Carib Gems albums Carib Gems 7"s Carib Gems 12"s
  Caribou 7"s  
  Carifta 7"s  
Carl's Records albums   Carl's Records 12"s
    Carnastoan 12"s
  Carnival 7"s  
Carousel albums   Carousel 12"s
    Cartridge 12"s
  Cavalis Records 7"s  
    CB Music 12"s
  CBS 7"s CBS 12"s
    C & C 12"s
    C.D.J. 12"s
CF albums   CF 12"s
Cha Cha albums Cha Cha 7"s Cha Cha 12"s
Chanan-Jah albums Chanan-Jah 7"s Chanan-Jah 12"s
Charm albums Charm 7"s Charm 12"s
Charmers albums   Charmers 12"s
    Chart Sounds 12"s
  Chek 7"s  
    Cimarak 12"s
    Circle 12"s
  Circle International 7"s  
    City Boy 12"s
    City Sounds 12"s
Clandisc albums Clandisc 7"s  
Clarendon Sound albums   Clarendon Sound 12"s
    Clouds 12"s
    Cobra 12"s
  Cockney Records 7"s  
  Collette 7"s  
  Collins Down Beat 7"s  
Collins Music albums    
  Columbia 7"s  
  Columbia Blue Beat 7"s  
  Comedy International Records / C.I.R. 7"s  
Concrete Jungle albums Concrete Jungle 7"s  
Conflict albums Conflict 7"s Conflict 12"s
  Congo 7"s  
  Conscious Sounds 7"s  
  Contempo 7"s  
    Cool Rockers 12"s
Copasetic albums   Copasetic 7"/12"s
    Coptic Lion 12"s
  Cosmopolitan 7's  
  Cosmos 7"s  
Count Shelly albums Count Shelly 7"s  
Coxsone albums Coxsone 7"s  
  Crab 7"s  
  Creation Rebel 7's  
  Creole 7"s Creole 12"s
  Crystal 7"s  
  Crystal Records 7"s  
CSA albums CSA 7"s CSA 12"s
  Culture 7"s  
Culture Press albums    
  D. Records 7"s  
Daddy Kool albums Daddy Kool 7"s Daddy Kool 12"s
  Dan 7"s  
    Dance Beat 12"s
Dancefloor albums   Dancefloor 12"s
Dance Hall Stylee albums    
    D & D Records 12"s
  D & E 7"s  
DEB Music albums DEB Music 7"s DEB Music 12"s
  Decca 7"s Decca 12"s
  Dee 7"s  
    Deep Groove 12"s
    Deluxe 12"s
Diamond albums Diamond 7"s Diamond 12"s
  Dice 7"s  
Different albums Different 7"s Different 12"s
Digikal albums   Digikal 12"s
    Dimples 12"s
  Dinosaur 7"s  
    Dione Records 12"s
Dip albums Dip 7"s  
  Direct 7"s  
  Direction 7"s  
    Direction Discs 12"
  Disco Rockers 7"s Disco Rockers 12"s
    Discovery 12"s
    DJM 12"s
  Doctor 7"s  
Doctor Bird albums Doctor Bird 7"s  
    Dolphin Records 12"s
  Double D 7"s  
Double D Records albums    
    Downbeat 12"s
Downtown albums Downtown 7"s  
Dragon albums Dragon 7"s  
Dread At The Controls albums Dread At The Controls 7"s Dread At The Controls 12"s
Dread & Dread albums   Dread & Dread 12"s
Dread Hot albums Dread Hot 7"s Dread Hot 12"s
  Dread Wax 7"s  
  D Records 7"s  
D-Roy albums D-Roy 7"s D-Roy 12"s
    Dub Organiser 10"s
  Duke 7"s  
  Duke Reid 7"s  
Dynamic albums Dynamic 7"s Dynamic 12"s
Dynamic (JA) albums    
  Eagle 7"s  
  Earth International 7"s  
    Earthquake 12"s
Easy Street albums    
Echo Records/Vista Sounds albums Echo Records/Vista Sounds 7"s Echo Records/Vista Sounds 12"s
    E and J 12"s
Eji albums Eji 7"s Eji 12"s
    Emerge Records 12"s
    Emergency 12"s
  EMI 7"s EMI 12"s
  EMI America 7"s EMI America 12"s
Empire albums Empire 7"s Empire 12"s
  Ensign 7"s Ensign 12"s
  Entente 7"s Entente 12"s
  Epic 7"s Epic 12"s
  Errol T Records 7"s  
  Escort 7"s  
Ethnic albums Ethnic 7"s Ethnic 12"s
Ethnic Fight albums Ethnic Fight 7"s Ethnic Fight 12"s
Eve albums Eve 7"s  
Exclusive albums   Exclusive 12"s
    Exile 12"s
  Explosion 7"s  
Extinguish albums   Extinguish(ed) Records 12"s
Fab albums FAB 7"s  
  Faith 7"s  
Fashion albums Fashion 7"s Fashion 12"s
  Fashion JA 7"s  
  Fat Man 7"s  
Fay Music albums Fay Music 7"s  
Federal albums Federal 7"s  
  Feelgood 7"s  
  56 Hope Road 7"s  
  Fight 7"s Fight 12"s
  Fine Style 7"s Fine Style 12"s
  Flame 7"s  
  Flames 7"s  
Flames Records albums Flames Records 7"s Flames 12"s
Fontana albums Fontana 7"s  
FORM albums   FORM 12"s
    4 Seasons Records 12"s
    Four Sixty 12"s
Freedom Sounds albums Freedom Sounds 7"s Freedom Sounds 12"s
  Fresh Air 7"s  
    Fu-Manchu 12"s
Fusion albums Fusion 7"s Fusion 12"s
  Galactic 7"s Galactic 12"s
Galaxy Tucks Productions albums    
    Gamble 12"s
    Gan-Jam 12"s
  Gas 7"s  
  Gayfeet 7"s  
    GEM 12"s
    Gemini 12"s
  Gentle Sounds International 7"s  
GG Records albums GG Records 7"s GG Records 12"s
Giant albums Giant 7"s  
God Sent albums   God Sent 12"s
Golden Age albums Golden Age 7"s  
  Grape 7"s  
  Green Door 7"s  
Greensleeves albums Greensleeves 7"s Greensleeves 12"s
Greensleeves albums continued   Greensleeves 12"s continued
Greensleeves albums continued   Greensleeves 12"s continued
Greenway albums Greenway 7"s  
    Groove & A Quarter 12"s
Grounation albums Grounation 7"s  
Grove Music albums Grove Music 7"s Grove Music 12"s
  Gull 7"s Gull 12"s
  Halagala 7"s  
  Ham Records 7"s Ham Records 12"s
  Hansa 7"s  
    Hapnin Records 12"s
  Happy Tone 7"s  
Harry J albums Harry J 7"s  
Harvest albums Harvest 7"s Harvest 12"s
  Hawk 7"s Hawk 12"s
Hawkeye albums Hawkeye 7"s Hawkeye 12"s

Headphone 12"s

    Heart & Soul 12"s
  Heavy Weight 7"s  
High Note albums High Note 7"s  
  High On Hope 7"s  
  Hillcrest 7"s  
His Majesty albums   His Majesty 12"s
  Hit-Me 7"s  
Hitrun albums Hitrun 7"s Hitrun 12"s
    Home Spun Music 12"s
  Honey Boy 7"s  
  Hornet 7"s  
Horse albums Horse 7"s  
    Horsemouth 12"s
  Hot Lead 7"s  
  Hot Rod 7"s Hot Rod Records 12"s
  Hot Shot 7"s  
    Hot Vinyl 12"s
  House Of Eve 7"s  
Hulk albums    
Hungry Town albums Hungry Town 7"s Hungry Town 12"s
    Hurricane Records 12"s
  I And I 7"s  
I-Anka albums   I-Anka 12"s
  Ice 7"s Ice 12"s
Imperial albums    
    Imperial House 12"s
  Incredible Music 7"s Incredible Music 12"s
Inner City albums Inner City 7"s Inner City 12's
    Inner Light 12"s
  Instant 7"s  
  In Style 7"s  
Intense albums Intense 7"s Intense 12"s
    I One I Records 12"s
  Iron Side 7"s  
  I & S Production 7"s I & S Production 12"s
    ISDA Records 12"s
    Isis Music12"s
Island albums Island 7"s Island 12"s
Island albums continued    
  Island 7"s continued  
  I Spy 7"s  
Ital albums Ital 7"s Ital 12"s
  Ital Coxsone 7"s  
Iyah Binghi albums    
  Jackpot 7"s  
Jade albums Jade 7"s  
Jaguar albums Jaguar 7"s  
    Jah Child 12"s
Jah Guidance albums Jah Guidance 7"s Jah Guidance 12"s
Jah Lion albums Jah Lion 7"s Jah Lion 12"s
Jah Live albums    
Jahmani albums Jahmani 7"s Jahmani 12"s
    Jah Records 12"s
  Jah Tubbys 7"s Jah Tubbys 12"s
  Jam 7"s  
Jama albums Jama 7"s Jama 12"s
Jamaican Gold CDs    
Jamaican Vibes CDs    
Jamaica Sound albums Jamaica Sound 7"s Jamaica Sound 12"s
Ja-Man albums Ja-Man 7"s  
  Jamatel 7"s Jamatel 12"s
  Jamdown 7"s  
    Jammys 12"s
  Jam-Rock 7"s  
    JA - UK 12"s
Jay Boy albums Jay Boy 7"s  
    Jay Dee 12"s
  JBC 7"s  
  JBM 7"s  
JB Music albums JB Music 7"s JB Music 12"s
  J-Dan 7"s  
  Jessus 7"s  
  J&F 7"s J&F 12"s
  JJ Records 7"s  
    J & J 12"s
  J.N.A.C. 7"s  
  Joe 7"s  
  Joe Shack 7"s  
John Dread Productions albums   John Dread Productions 12"s
  Jolly 7"s  
    Josiah 12"s
Joy albums    
    Judah 12"s
  Jumbo 7"s  
  Jump Up 7"s  
  Jungle 7"s  
Jungle Beat albums   Jungle Beat 12"s
Jungle Fashion albums   Jungle Fashion 12"s
  Junior Records Ltd. 7"s  
Justice albums Justice 7"s Justice 12"s
  Kalinda 7"s  
Kalypso albums Kalypso 7"s  
K&B albums K&B 7"s  
    Karnak 12"s
Kaya albums Kaya 7"s Kaya 12"s
    Kebra Nagast 12"s
Keyman albums   Keyman 12"s
KG Imperial albums   KG Imperial 12"s
  Kim 7"s Kim 12"s
  King 7"s  
    King & City 12"s
Kingdom albums Kingdom 7"s Kingdom 12"s
King Jam albums King Jam 7"s King Jam 12"s
    Kingley Sounds Records 12"s
    Kings & Lions 12"s
    Kingston 12"s
  Kiss 7"s  
    K & K Records 12"s
Klik albums Klik 7"s  
  Korova 7"s  
KR albums KR 7"s KR 12"s
Kufe albums Kufe 7"s Kufe 12"s
Laser albums Laser 7"s Laser 12"s
    Lee & Roy 12"s
  Leroy 7"s  
    Level Vibes Records 12"s
    Licwood 12"s
Lightning albums Lightning 7"s Lightning 12"s
  Limbo 7"s  
  Lion 7"s Lion 12"s
Live & Learn albums   Live & Learn 12"s
Live And Love albums Live And Love 7"s Live And Love 12"s
LKJ albums   LKJ Records 12"s
  Locks 7"s  
Londisc albums Londisc 7"s Londisc 12"s
London albums London 7"s  
Lord Koos albums Lord Koos 7"s Lord Koos 12"s
Love albums Love 7"s Love 12"s
    Love 12"s
    Love + Inity 12"s
    Lovelinch 12"s
    Lovely Records 12"s
  Lover's Rock 7"s Lover's Rock 12"s
Lucky albums Lucky 7"s  
    Maccabee 12"s
  Maccabees 7"s  
    Mafia & Fluxy 12"s
Magnet albums Magnet 7"s  
  Magnet 7"s Magnet 12"s
Magnum albums Magnum 7"s  
  Main Line 7"s Main Line 12"s
  Major Minor 7"s  
    Malaco 12"s
  Mam 7"s  
Mamba albums Mamba 7"s  
Mango albums Mango 7"s  
Manic albums Manic 7"s Manic 12"s
Manzie albums Manzie 7"s  
    Martial 12"s
  Mary Lyn 7"s  
    Mass Media Music 12"s
  Master Time 7"s  
    Matador 12"s
  Matador Records 7"s  
  Matumbi Music Corp 7"s Matumbi Music Corp 12"s
    Matumbi Records 12"s
  MCA UK 7"s  
    Mekaliteit Music 12"s
Melodisc albums Melodisc 7"s  
  Melody 7"s  
  Melotone 7"s  
  Melrose 7"s  
  Mercury 7"s  
Merritone albums Merritone 7"s  
Message Records   Message Records 12"s
Metro Sound albums    
  Mezzotone 7"s  
  Miami 7"s  
  Mich 7"s  
Micron Music Limited albums Micron Music Limited 12"s  
Midnite Records albums Midnite Records 7"s  
  Militant Records 7"s  
  Mirto 7"s  
  M & M 7"s M & M 12"s
    M & M Music 12"s
    M&R Music 12"s
Moa Anbessa International albums Moa Anbessa International 7"s Moa Anbessa International 12"s
Mobiliser albums   Mobiliser 12"s
  Monica's 7"s  
    Montana 12"s
Moodisc albums Moodisc 7"s  
  Mooncrest 7"s  
  Moondust 7"s  
More Cut albums More Cut 7"s More Cut 12"s
  Morpheus 7"s  
Move albums   Move 12"s
  Movers 7"s  
    Music Cave 12"s
Music Force albums   Music Force 12"s
    Music Gallery 12"s
Music Hawk albums Music Hawk 7"s Music Hawk 12"s
    Music Hive 12"s
  Music Incorporation 7"s  
    Music Maker 12"s
Music Of The Most High albums Music Of The Most High 7"s  
  Music Works 7"s Music Works 12"s
    Must Dance 12"s
    Mutual Life 12"s
  National Calypso 7"s  
Nationwide albums Nationwide 7"s Nationwide 12"s
Natty Congo albums Natty Congo 7"s Natty Congo 12"s
    Natural 12"s
    Nature 12"s
Negus Roots albums Negus Roots 7"s Negus Roots 12"s
  Nems 7"s  
  Neville King 7"s Neville King 12"s
    New Age Movements 12"s
  New Star 7"s New Star 12"s
  New Wave 7"s  
    Niagara 12"s
Nice One albums Nice One 7"s  
    Nigger Kojak 12"s
Nighthawk Records albums   Nighthawk Records 12"s
Night Owl albums Night Owl 7"s  
9 Lives albums   9 Lives 12"s
NK Records albums   NK Records 12"s
    No 1 Rock 12"s
  Nu Beat / New Beat 7"s  
Nubian Records albums Nubian Records 7"s Nubian Records 12"s
Oak Sound albums   Oak Sound 12"s
    Observer 12"s
  Ocean 7"s  
  OCR 7"s  
    Old Road Village 12"s
    Olympic Records 12"s
  One Love 7"s One Love 12"s
  Oneness 7"s  
  One Stop 7"s  
  One Way 7"s  
Opal albums Opal 7"s  
  Orbit 7"s Orbit 12"s
  Orbitone 7"s Orbitone 12"s
  Organisation 7"s  
  Oriole 7"s  
Ossie & Koos albums   Ossie & Koos 12"s
  Oval 7"s  
  Pacific 7"s  
  Page One 7"s  
Pama albums Pama 7"s  
  Pama Supreme 7"s  
Paradise albums Paradise 7"s Paradise 12"s
  Paradox 7"s  
  Parks 7"s  
  Parlophone 7"s  
Passage Productions cds    
Passion Records albums   Passion 12"s
    PC Music 12"s
  Peace 7"s  
Pearl albums Pearl 7"s Pearl 12"s
  Penguin 7"s Penguin 12"s
  Penny Farthing 7"s  
  People Unite 7"s People Unite 12"s
  Pep 7"s  
  Phase 1 7"s  
  Philips 7"s  
Phil Pratt albums   Phil Pratt 12"s
    Piano Man 12"s
    Pick Out 12"s
Pioneer albums Pioneer 7"s  
Pioneer International albums   Pioneer International 12"s
    Pirate 12"s
  Planetone 7"s  
    Plastic Fantastic 12"s
  PM Records 7"s PM Records 12"s
Plant albums    
  Polydor 7"s Polydor 12"s
    Pops 12"s
Port Music albums   Port Music 12"s
  Port-O-Jam 7"s  
PRE albums PRE 7"s PRE 12"s
  Precision Inc 7"s  
President albums President 7"s  
  Pressure Beat 7"s  
  Prince Buster 7"s  
  Pro 7"s Pro 12"s
Progressive albums   Progressive 12"s
Prophet albums   Prophets 12"s
  Proverbs 7"s  
  Pun 7"s  
  Punch 7"s  
  Pye 7"s Pye 12"s
  Pye International 7"s  
Pyramid albums Pyramid 7"s  
  Q 7"s  
    Quadro Pack 12"s
  Queen Bee 7"s  
  Race Records 7"s Race Records 12"s
  Radic 7"s  
    Rads 12"s
  Rainbow 7"s  
  Rainbow Stepper And Kenton 7"s  
Rama albums Rama 7"s Rama 12"s
  Randys 7"s  
    Ranking Joe Universal 12"s
Ray albums Ray 7"s  
R&B albums R&B 7"s  
RCA albums RCA 7"s RCA 12"s
    Realistics 12"s
    Real Wax Records 12"s
Rediffusion albums    
    Red Man 12"s
    Redman International 12"s
    Red Nail 12"s
Regal albums   Regal 12"s
  Regal Zonophone 7"s  
Reggae albums Reggae 7"s  
  Reggae 7"s  
  Reggae 7"s Reggae 12"s
Reprise albums Reprise 7"s  
  Retreat 7"s  
Revelations albums   Revelations 12"s
Revolution albums Revolution 7"s  
Revue albums   Revue 12"s
  RG 7"s  
Rhino albums Rhino 7"s  
  Rhythm 7"s  
Rio albums Rio 7"s  
    Rite Sound 12"s
  R & JJ 7"s  
  Robot Records 7"s Robot Records 12"s
  Rockers 7"s  
Rockers Plantation albums   Rockers Plantation 12"s
    Rock N Groove 12"s
  Rok 7"s Rok 12"s
  Romantic Records 7"s Romantic Records 12"s
  Ronnie Williams 7"s  
  Roots 7"s  
  Roots From The Yard 7"s  
    Roots Radics 12"s
    Roots Rockers 12"s
    Rosie 12"s
Rough Trade albums Rough Trade 7"s Rough Trade 12"s
  Rover 7"s  
  Rude Boy 7"s  
    Rush Release 12"s
Rusty International albums   Rusty International 12"s
  Rymska 7"s  
  Safari 7"s  
  Safe House 7"s  
  Saga (Big Chief) 7"s  
Sagittarius albums   Sagittarius 12"s
    Sanity 12"s
  Santic 7"s Santic 12"s
  Sara Big Chief 7"s  
Sarge albums Sarge 7"s Sarge 12"s
  Saturn 7"s Saturn 12"s
Savannah albums   Savannah 12"s
Saxon albums   Saxon 12"s
  Scarlet 7"s  
  Scope 7"s Scope 12"s
    S & D 12"s
    Sea View 12"s
  Second Tracs 7"s  
Selena albums   Selena 12"s
Sensation Sounds albums Sensation Sounds 7"s Sensation Sounds 12"s
September albums   September 12"s
  Serious Business 7"s  
Seven Leaves albums   Seven Leaves 12"s
    S & G 12"s
  Shades 7"s  
    Shashamane 12"s
  Shebazz 7"s  
    Shelly's Records 12"s
  Shirley 7"s  
    Shoc Wave 12"s
    Shuttle Records 12"s
  Silver 7"s  
Silver Camel albums   Silver Camel 12"s
  Simba 7"s Simba 12"s
Sioux albums Sioux 7"s  
Sir Collins Music Wheel albums Sir Collins Music Wheel 7"s  
Sir Coxsone Blacker Dread albums Sir Coxsone Blacker Dread 7"s Sir Coxsone Blacker Dread 12"s
Sir George albums Sir George 7"s Sir George 12"s
  Sir Jessus 7"s  
Ska Beat albums Ska Beat 7"s  
  Skengdon 7"s Skengdon 12"s
  Skip's 7"s  
  Sky High 7"s  
Sky Juice albums   Sky Juice 12"s
Sky Note albums Sky Note 7"s Sky Note 12"s
  Slate 7"s  
  Smash 7"s  
  Soferno B 7"s Soferno B 12"s
  Soho Records 7"s Soho Records 12"s
    Solid Gold 12"s
Solid Groove albums Solid Groove 7"s Solid Groove 12"s
  Solid Promotions 7"s Solid Promotions 12"s
  Solid Sound 7"s Solid Sound 12"s
    Solomonic 12"s
  Sonet 7"s  
  Songbird 7"s  
  Soul Food 7"s  
    Sound City 12"s
    Sound Force 12"s
Soundoff albums   Soundoff 12"s
  Sound Of Jamaica 7"s  
    Sound 7 12"s
  Sound System Recordings 7"s  
  Sound Track 7"s  
    Spank Records 12"s
  Spark 7"s  
    Special Request 12"s
  Spectrum 7"s  
  Spider Man 7"s  
    Spiderman 12"s
  Spinning Wheel 7"s  
    Splendid 12"s
Splendour Heights albums   Splendour Heights 12"s
  Spur 7"s  
  S & S 7"s  
    S & S Records 12"s
  SS Music Ltd 7"s SS Music Ltd 12"s
Star albums Star 7"s Star 12"s
Starapple albums    
Starlight Records albums   Starlight Records 12"s
Starlite albums Starlite 7"s  
Stateside albums Stateside 7"s  
Stewmac albums    
  Sticky 7"s  
  Stonehouse 7"s  
  Stop Point 7"s  
    Strong Like Sampson 12"s
    Struggle 12"s
Student albums Student 7"s Student 12"s
Studio One albums Studio One 7"s Studio One 12"s
Studio16 albums   Studio 16 12"s
Success albums Success 7"s Success 12"s
  Success 7"s  
    Sufferers Heights 12"s
Sugar albums Sugar 7"s  
Summer Time albums Summer Time 7"s  
  Summit 7"s  
  Sun & Star 7"s  
  Sunbeam 7"s  
  Sunjam Records 7"s Sunjam Records 12"s
  Sunpower 7"s  
Sunshot albums Sunshot 7"s  
Sunsplash albums    
    Suntan 12"s
    Super Duper 12"s
Super Power Records albums   Super Power Records 12"s
    Supertone 12"s
Supreme albums Supreme 7"s  
    Sure 12"s
  Sway 7"s  
    Sweet Corn 12"s
    Sweet Freedom 12"s
    Swing 12"s
  Sydna 7"s  
Tabernacle albums Tabernacle 7"s  
Tackle albums Tackle 7"s Tackle 12"s
Tad's albums   Tad's 12"s
    Tafari Cultural Sounds 12"s
Tamoki Wambesi albums    
Taurus albums Taurus 7"s Taurus 12"s
  Techniques 7"s Techniques 12"s
  Teem 7"s  
Tempus albums Tempus 7"s Tempus 12"s
Terminal albums Terminal 7"s Terminal 12"s
Third World albums Third World 7"s Third World 12"s
    Thompson & Koos 12"s
  Thompson Sound 7"s Thompson Sound 12"s
  3 in 1 7"s 3 in 1 12"s
  Three Kings 7"s Three Kings 12"s
  Time 1 7"s Time 12"s
  Tip Top Records 7"s  
T.I.T. Records albums   T.I.T. Records 12"s
    Tom-Tom 12"s
Tonos albums   Tonos 12"s
  Top 7"s Tops 12"s
Top Notch albums   Top Notch 10/12"s
    Top Rank 12"s
Top Ranking albums Top Ranking 7"s  
  Tops 7"s  
  Top Studio 7"s  
Torpedo albums Torpedo 7"s  
  Total Sounds 7"s  
Transatlantic albums Transatlantic 7"s  
    Trans Universal Records 12"s
Treasure Isle albums Treasure Isle 7"s Treasure Isle 12"s
  Treble C 7"s  
Trenchtown albums Trenchtown 7"s  
  TR Groovemaster 7"s TR Groovemaster 12"s
Tribesman albums Tribesman 7"s Tribesman 12"s
Trident Records albums   Trident Records 12"s
Trojan albums Trojan 7"s Trojan 12"s
Trojan albums continued    
Trojan albums continued    
Trojan albums continued    
Tropical albums Tropical 7"s  
Tropical Sound Tracs albums Tropical Sound Tracs 7"s  
  Truth & Right 7"s Truth & Right 12"s
    Try A Ting 12"s
  TSOJ 7"s TSOJ 12"s
    Tuff Rank 12"s
    Tunde Records 12"s
Twinkle albums Twinkle 7"s Twinkle12"s
    Ujama 12"s
  UK 7"s  
UK Bubblers albums UK Bubblers 7"s UK Bubblers 12"s
Ultra Records albums Ultra Records 7"s Ultra Records 12"s
  Union 7"s Union 12"s
    Unique Sounds 12"s
  Unity 7"s  
    Unity / Unity Promotions 12"s
    Unity Sounds 12"s
  Untouchable 7"s  
Upbeat albums    
Upfront albums Upfront 7"s Upfront 12"s
Upright albums   Upright 12"s
Upsetter albums Upsetter 7"s  
Up Tempo albums   Up Tempo 12"s
Venture albums Venture 7"s Venture 12"s
  Venus 7"s  
  Victry 7"s  
  Vince 7"s  
Virgin/Virgin's Front Line albums Virgin/Virgin's Front Line 7"s Virgin/Virgin's Front Line 12"s
    Virgo Stomach 12"s
Viza Records albums   Viza Records 12"s
Volcano albums Volcano 7"s Volcano 12"s
  Voyage Internatonal Records Ltd. 7"s Voyage International Records Ltd. 12"s
  V Rocket 7"s V Rocket 12"s
Vulcan albums Vulcan 7"s  
Warrior albums   Warrior 12"s
  Wasp 7"s  
Water Lily albums    
  Weed Beat 7"s  
  Western Kingston 7"s  
  White Rum/Red Stripe 7"s White Rum 12"s
Wild Flower albums Wild Flower 7"s Wild Flower 12"s
WIRL albums    
    Witty 12"s
    WLN 12"s
  Wolf Music 7"s  
World Enterprise Records albums World Enterprise Records 7"s World Enterprise Records 12"s
    World International Records 12"s
  Write Sounds 7"s Write Sounds 12"s
    Xamayca 12"s
Y & D albums   Y & D 12"s
  Yard Beat Records 7"s  
    Yard International 12"s
  Young Blood 7"s  
  Youth And Youth 7"s  
Yvonne's Special albums Yvonne's Special 7"s Yvonne's Special 12"s
    Ziggy 12's
    Ziggy Observer 12"s
Zola & Zola 12"s/CDS/ albums/CDs Zola & Zola 7"s  



As published in the British weekly Sounds and compiled by various reggae record shops at that time

  September - December 1978
January - June 1979 July - December 1979
January - June 1980 July - December 1980
January - June 1981 July - December 1981
January - June 1982 July - December 1982
January - June 1983 July - December 1983
January - June 1984 July - December 1984
January - June 1985 July - December 1985
January - June 1986 July - December 1986
January - June 1987  



Record labels with music from Surinam and Netherlands Antilles
Record shops in The Hague through the years (in Dutch)

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